AFIC :RE.. Far-Right Terrorism

| 23.03,20. 11:35 AM |

RE: Far-Right Terrorism

AFIC notes the arrest of a 23-year-old NSW man on terrorism related charges and reports about his alleged involvement in early-stage planning and preparation for a terrorist act. We note this is a follow up to an earlier arrest of an another individual in relation to allegations of a planned terrorist act and links to far-right extremist ideologies. This further confirms the growing danger posed by far-right extremists as previously indicated by the head of ASIO. AFIC notes once again that far-right extremism has been a concern for some time and repeats calls for the government to take this threat seriously and be given all the attention required to prevent a Christchurch type of tragedy here in Australia. AFIC President, Dr Rateb Jneid stated, “We have raised the increase in far-right extremism repeatedly over the last 12 months and, while we are thankful that enforcement agencies have apprehended these individuals, the underlying threat is only increasing. We strongly urge our government to list these far-right organisations on the terror watch list”. AFIC reiterates its earlier concerns about the rise of far-right extremism and calls for more proactive action by the Government to deal with these groups. We urge the Government in the strongest possible terms to review the listing of terrorist organisations to include far-right extremist groups and ensure that they are being dealt with as all extremist and terrorists should be.

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