Germany shooting sees six dead, several injured in town of Rot am See

| 25.01,20. 01:48 AM |

Germany shooting sees six dead, several injured in town of Rot am See

Photo: German gun laws are among the strictest in Europe. (Wikimedia Commons)

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German authorities have said that six people have been killed and others injured after a shooting in the southwestern town of Rot am See.

Police in the nearby town of Aalen said the incident appeared to be linked to a "personal relationship", adding there was no indication that there were additional perpetrators.

A spokesman for Aalen police said a suspect was arrested after the shooting and no further suspects are believed to be at large.

"According to my information, there were six dead and several injured," police spokesman Rudolf Biehlmaier told German broadcaster n-tv.

"We are working on the assumption that this was a single attacker," Mr Biehlmaier said.

The shooting occurred early on Friday afternoon (local time) in Rot am See — a town of several thousand in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Rot am See is located some 135 kilometres southeast of Frankfurt.

Gun control laws in Germany are among the most stringent in Europe.

In 2002, a massacre of 16 people by a 19-year-old shooter at a high school in the city of Erfurt saw the country increase restrictions on gun ownership.

A 17-year-old killed 15 people at a high school in the southwestern town of Winnenden in 2009, seeing a further tightening of gun laws.


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