فتحية عصفور تترجم للإنجليزية (مَرِّغُوا نَهْدَيَّ بِعِطْرِهِ الْأزْرَقِ) للشاعرة آمال عوّاد رضوان

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فتحية عصفور تترجم للإنجليزية (مَرِّغُوا نَهْدَيَّ بِعِطْرِهِ الْأزْرَقِ) للشاعرة آمال عوّاد رضوان

Ye! Roll My Breast In Its Blue Fragrance
By: Amal Awad Radwan-(Palestine)
Translated by: Fathia Asfour
Palestinian poet & tranlator

Ye! Roll My Breast In Its Blue Fragrance

On the clouds of hungry glad tidings

you s..u..r..g..e..d

On a long gloomy night ...you traced the flow of my wet shadoww

With the noise of my fetters

You let down hankies of blame embroidered with tiredness...

luring my impossible gaiety

And at the completion of my rebellious compliance...

you glowed

With the glimmer of your trifling fragrance

you went on disguising ...

committing the devoutness of a jovial rumor

while Iam in the drunkness of my depths...

intoxicated by impossible ripple

whose wailing's not withered by your madness


Your fingertips are still dewing with gloomy burning


the clouds of my time, the stigmatized with slumber..

and till now taking off rags of yawning..

How it saw good omens in eternity !!and still..

in the haze of punched silence...

riding the hymns of my sleeping existence

---------- The squadrons of your coquettish weakness


dancing with fires of dreams

whose taste never slipped my tongue


Aged in eternity are the spectra of my wounds

Is it heedlessly that a legendary- featured sleepliness drawled them ?

Were they spoiled by the numbness of your poppy- like inscription?

Or did you hang my blind intuition on the halt of your paradisal billowss?


The groans of my stars were swept away by the torrents of your wallowing...

when seduced by your worn grasp ..

and ...

on your backed power they submissively got s..m..a..s..h..e..d

and inlaid me with my breakage


With the two wings of your madness you emerged... adrift fluttering ... widely agitated flapping .. deeming permissible shelves of split...

How you chained it with my decorated loss!!

so as to seize the temptations of me dying !


Filaments of amazement snatched the band –

witched scraps of my longing...

They nailed me

between deferred promises and walls collapsing

----------- The blind steps of your wind betrayed your wings.

Their flames broke out in tracing me...

As if Neron you were !! .. As if Baghdad you were !! and in the fora of suspension ...

you were professional in bandaging the burns of my letters


The tongues of my fiery revelation ... you plated with a whisper that gushed out appealing:

A nymph phantom Iam To the tracks of illusion he (the invader) seduced me...

by the Sabani gown.. he captivated me...

he dispersed my face in the memory of veils..

and swallowed my golden tail


O ye , supreme comrades! The gate of my heaven is encircled by temples of glory

whose light mottled winged trimming ...

and still billowing with lashes of amazement

----------- Be enlighted by me!

My sacred Branches! ..

How adorned by the feathers of the sun they were !! and ecstatically craned their necks up towards the nest of firee!!


Yawp! Yawp! Ye! support me by Solomon

and his squadrons of Genie.. to dig the bed of my sea aflaj (gorges)

and present them to me on the night of my feast

Ye! roll my breast with its blue fragrance..

so that the necklaces of my heaven can shake rain spreding with love


O ye ,supreme comrades! roll my breast with its blue fragrance and turn in procession back to me.. my bright tail

مرِّغوا نهدَيَّ بعِطرِهِ الأزرقِ/ آمال عوّاد رضوان

على عَنانِ بُشرى جائعةٍ


بليلٍ لائلٍ اقتفيْتَ فيْضَ ظِلِّي المُبلَّلِ

بضوضاءِ أَصفادي

أَرخيْتَ مناديلَ عتبٍ مُطرَّزٍ بتعبٍ

تستدرجُ بِشريَ المُستحيل

وفي تمامِ امْتثالي المُتمرِّدِ تورَّدْتَ!

بومضِ عِطرِكَ العابثِ مَضـيْـتَ تـتـخـفّـى

تـقـتـرِفُ تقوَى إشاعةٍ بشوشةٍ

وأنا في سكرةِ أعماقي

أثملُ بموْجِ مُستحيلٍ

لا يُذبِلُ نُواحَهُ جنونُكَ!

أنامِلُكَ.. ما فتئتْ تتندَّى اشتعالاً دامِسًا

تُقشِّرُ سحابَ وقتِي الموْشومِ بالنّعاسِ!

ولمّا تزلْ تخلعُ أسمالَ تثاؤُبٍ

كم تيمّنَ بالأزلْ!

ولمّا تزلْ.. في سديمِ الصّمتِ المثقوبِ

تمتطي تراتيلَ كَوْني الغافي!

أسرابُ وهنِكَ المغناجِ


تُراقصُ نيرانَ أحلامٍ

ما غابَ طعمُها عن لساني!

طُيوفُ جراحي طاعنةٌ في سَرمديّتها


تَشدّقها سُهْدٌ أُسطوريُّ الملامِحِ؟

أَشابها خَدرُ نَقْشِكَ الخشْخاش؟

أَعلَّقْتَ حَدْسِيَ الكفيفَ

على مِقبضِ موجِكَ الفردوسيِّ؟

زفراتُ نجومي جرَفَتْها سيولُ تمرُّغِكَ

حينما غرَّها بَسْطُكَ المُهترِئُ

وَ.. على مَقامِكَ المرْكونِ



وَ.. رصَّعتني بانكساري!

بجناحَيْ جنونِكَ انبثقْتَ عائِمًا تُرفرِفُ

اضطرَبْتَ هائِجًا تُهفهِفُ

تَستبيحُ رُفُوفَ انشِطارٍ

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