The STL invites victims to participate in the Connected Cases

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The STL invites victims to participate in the Connected Cases

Leidschendam, 20 September 2019 - The STL’s Victims’ Participation Unit invites victims to submit an application to participate in judicial proceedings relating to case no. STL-18-10, which pertains to three attacks: the attempted assassination of Marwan Hamade on 1 October 2004, the assassination of Georges Hawi on 21 June 2005, and the attempted assassination of Elias El-Murr on 12 July 2005. These attacks are connected to the assassination of former Prime Minister, Rafik Hariri.

This follows the confirmation of an indictment dated 14 June 2019 in case STL-18-10 by the Pre-Trial Judge.

Participation at the STL enables victims to express their views and concerns in judicial proceedings. The purpose of these proceedings is to try all those who are found responsible for those crimes and bring them to justice.

In order to participate, individuals who have suffered physical or mental harm, or material harm as a result of the three attacks, should complete the victims’ application form on the STL website.

Victims who wish to participate in proceedings before the Tribunal must submit a complete application by 2 December 2019. This deadline was set by the Pre-Trial Judge in an order on 19 September 2019.

Please watch the video “Call for Victims to participate in the Proceedings”.

The Pre-Trial Judge will examine each application and decide on the request to participate. If an application is accepted by the Pre-Trial Judge, the individual is granted the status of a “Victim Participating in the Proceedings” (“VPP”). The victims’ application process is confidential and victims may, under certain conditions, be granted protective measures to ensure their safety.

Unless the judges rule differently, victims shall only participate in the proceedings through a legal representative. The Tribunal could, under certain conditions, cover all of the victims’ legal costs if they are unable to afford them.

Through their legal representative, VPPs may be permitted to make oral and written submissions, call witnesses to testify, examine and cross-examine witnesses, and submit other evidence in the course of proceedings.

The Special Tribunal for Lebanon cannot award compensation to victims for the harm they suffered. However, if one or more accused persons are convicted, the Tribunal shall provide victims with a certified copy of the judgment, which they may present before national courts in order to seek compensation.

The Tribunal’s Victims’ Participation Unit is responsible for facilitating participation in proceedings before the Tribunal and can assist victims in completing their application forms. Victims who have any question about the application process or participation at the STL, can contact the Unit at the numbers or email address below.


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