Disclosure of extensive corruption in Iranian regime’s security agencies including Ministry of Intelligence

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Disclosure of extensive corruption in Iranian regime’s security agencies including Ministry of Intelligence

On August 15, in the midst of infighting within various factions of the clerical regime, Alireza Zakani, a former member of the mullah’s parliament, in an interview with state-run TV, disclosed the involvement of senior officials of the Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) in extensive financial corruption and embezzlement.

In the interview he said that while he was working on a file he came across a case of direct involvement of senior MOIS officials in a corruption case involving several hundred million dollars.

Zakani added that the general managers of the MOIS had this to say about the case and the person most directly involved in it: “The person had some moral wrongdoings. I told them that issue is none of my business. I am talking about several trillion tomans. You should talk about this with me, not his moral wrongdoings, for which I have no evidence, and it is none of my business. Why are you losing the track?”

With the average exchange rate of a dollar to 10,000 tomans, several trillion tomans is equivalent to several hundred million dollars.

Zakani said, “I told the MOIS senior officials that I am talking to you about several trillion tomans, and they continuously told me to trust them.”

He also said the same MOIS senior officials “came to me and told me a person who was arrested five days ago and is currently in prison is a good fellow and he is a saint.”

Zakani said: “I haven’t seen any economic corruption anywhere, unless some powerful officials had been behind it.”

The MOIS is the main suppression and terrorist agency of the mullah’s regime. In addition to suppressing the opposition and anti-government protests, they have been directly involved in the regime’s terrorist plots abroad.

Revelation of extensive corruption in the intelligence and security agencies discloses the other side of unprecedented corruption in the entirety of the mullah’s regime.

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