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Sunbury McDonald's shooting: Police on routine patrol when they were ambushed

| 13.08,19. 02:53 PM |

Sunbury McDonald's shooting: Police on routine patrol when they were ambushed

Police ambushed in a shooting attack were on a routine patrol when they were forced to take cover in a 24-hour McDonald's in outer Melbourne.

Officers were in the car at Sunbury, about 3.15am on Tuesday, when it was peppered with bullets, forcing them to drive to the nearby fast-food outlet.

"When they became aware they were under fire they found cover, as is their training," Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius told reporters on Tuesday.

He said buildings provide the best cover and that was why the officers abandoned the vehicle.

"This is outrageous behaviour.

"Our police are here to keep the community safe and our police, when they come to work, come to work expecting to make a difference.

"They don't expect to be shot at."

Taking cover

After the officers took cover, they were met by a supervisor, and as the four were checking on the safety of each other and McDonald's staff, more shots were fired at their cars.

One was rammed by a silver sedan before it sped from the scene.

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Police, including the dog squad and air wing, swarmed the area in search of the attackers.

Three men have been arrested over the shooting.

Mr Cornelius said the officers and McDonald's staff were being supported but none was physically injured.

'This is outrageous behaviour.'

A 33-year-old man of no fixed address and two men from Sunbury aged 26 and 18 are in custody.

The three were found shortly before 7am and police are not looking for anyone else in relation to the shooting.

It was the second car-ramming incident involving police on Tuesday morning, with an officer hit in the leg by a vehicle at Mont Albert about 1am.

Several police cars had been trying to box in a stolen BMW when the driver started hitting the police cars and the leading senior constable.

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