Police fatally shoot man in Central Queensland

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Police fatally shoot man in Central Queensland

Photo: The house where the man was shot remains a crime scene. (ABC News: Amy McCosker)

A man has died after being shot by police in Rockhampton in Central Queensland.

The Queensland Police Service said the 36-year-old man was critically injured outside a home on Geoff Wilson Drive at Norman Gardens just after 7:00pm on Friday.

Two officers had initially been called to a domestic incident at the home, and there were reports a man was armed inside the house.

"At this stage we believe he was armed with a knife or a number of knives," Superintendent Ron Van Saane said.

"A police officer subsequently discharged the firearm [and] there is now a deceased 36-year-old-male person."

Paramedics were called but the man died at the scene.

Queensland Police Union General secretary Mick Barnes said legal advice was being provided to the officers.

"They have our support 100 per cent," he said.

"It's a very difficult decision to make within split seconds.

"Both officers were wearing body worn video and I'm sure those videos will be closely examined in the investigation of this matter.

"It will be alleged that he has exited the house with a couple of knives, thrown one at one officer and then charged.

"The officers armed with a Taser and a firearm have had to use both options.

"The Taser has been ineffective with that then necessitated the use of the firearm."

The officers involved have been offered counselling but continue working on active duty.

Neighbours heard shouts of 'he wants to kill you'

It is believed that the man came out of the door and confronted officers when they tried to talk to him.

One of the officers shot at the man, critically injuring him.

Paramedics were called but he died at the scene.

Glenn, who lives nearby, said a distressed woman had knocked on his door asking to borrow a phone to call police.

He said there was an argument taking place inside woman's house between a man and a teenage boy.

"While she was calling, the son and the guy inside the house were shouting," Glenn said.

"I'm just observing while the lady was calling the police and I heard her say the man wanted to kill the son.

"The mum was shouting 'Don't go in there, he wants to kill you'."

Glenn said the woman stayed with him until police arrived.

"After 15 minutes maybe, the police arrived and they go inside the place and 15 minutes later we hear two gunshots," he said.

"I heard the lady say he had a lot of knives and an electric Taser.

"She was crying and shaking, she was very scared … she had a burn on her left hand."

The Queensland Police Service said officers from the Ethical Standards Command would investigate the shooting on behalf of the State Coroner and it would be overseen by the Crime and Corruption Commission.


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