UN: Ethnic cleansing continues against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar

| 08.03,18. 02:39 AM |

UN: Ethnic cleansing continues against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar

The process of “ethnic cleansing” continues against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar more than six months after an army campaign led to the flight of nearly 700,000 people to Bangladesh, a senior UN human rights official said on Tuesday.

“Ethnic cleansing of Myanmar’s Rohingya continues,” said Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights Mr. Andrew Gilmore after a four-day visit to refugee camps in the Cox-Bazaar region of Bangladesh. I do not think we can draw any other conclusions from what I have seen and heard in Cox’s Bazaar. ”

“The widespread and systematic violence against Rohingya appears to be continuing,” he said in a statement.

“The nature of the violence has changed from a campaign of insane bloodshed and mass rape last year to a less aggressive campaign of intimidation and starvation, apparently aimed at the escape of the rest of the Rohingya from their homes and asylum in Bangladesh.”


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