Nationwide Uprisings continue for fifth consecutive day in 50 cities of Iran

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Nationwide Uprisings continue for fifth consecutive day in 50 cities of Iran

the Iranian nationwide uprisings continued for the fifth consecutive day in 50 cities with slogans targeting the entire Iranian regime.
According to reports, repressive forces to date have martyred at least 12 demonstrators.
In Dehloran, people held major demonstrations. They chanted, ‘People are living in poverty, Khamenei acts like he’s God’.
In Mahshahr, protesters called for political prisoner to be freed.
In Nahavand, people held massive demonstrations today. Anti-riot forces confronted the protesters with sticks and baton.
In Kangavar, protesters chanted, not Syria, not Lebanon, for the sake of my life for Iran
In Kashan, protesters chanted: “We do not want the mullahs”.
In Birjand, police forces shot at protesters.
In Ardabil, people chanted: They speak of Imams but they take pride in assaulting.
In Kohdasht Lorestan, protesters burnt four police cars.
In Khomeini Shahr (Sadeh) demonstrations continue till midnight.
In Kermanshah, protesters burned down the police kiosks. Police officers fled the scene from fear. In fear of protesters increasing, the Iranian regime deployed law enforcement forces around the city.
In Zarin Shahr of Isfahan, protesters joined other cities of Iran today and held anti-government protests.
In Noorabad Mamasani, repressive police forces shot at protesters and at least one of the demonstrators was injured.
In Tehran, despite the heavy presence of the repressive forces in the city’s main squares, people witnessed a massive gathering of people. Protesters chanted: Mullah’s government must be overthrown. Police fired their tear gas in response to the slogans of the people.
In Karaj, people chanted: death to Khamenei. They also shouted that until they get their rights it will be like this every night. One of the demonstrators was shot and killed by the repressive forces. This double the protester’s anger and they attacked and burned down the Karaj judiciary building.
In Hamedan, protesters chanted, Khamenei shame on you, leave the country.
In Hashtgerd, protesters chanted, “This is our last message, only the entire system is the target”.
In Rasht, anti-government protests continued.
In Yazd, people came to the streets today and launched anti-government protests.
In Sharifabad Qazvin, protesters tore down a large banner of Khomeini.
In Farrokh Shahr, Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari, protesters held a large demonstration chanting, “Death to the dictator”.
In Abhar, special anti-riot forces were deployed in Azadi Square and the Enghelab Square and Imam Hossein Square. They set up checkpoints in the city to stop the protests and the uprisings of the people.
In Shahin Shah, law enforcement forces shot at protesters and injured seven people during their demonstrations.

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