Trump's Jerusalem move protested across Europe

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Trump's Jerusalem move protested across Europe

Thousands flocked to the streets across the Europe to denounce the controversial decision by the U.S. administration to recognize Jerusalem as the official capital of Israel.

Significant marches were held in Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, and Sweden; where protesters chanted slogans in solidarity with the Palestinians, carrying flags of Palestine and Turkey.

On Wednesday, Trump announced U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital as well as plans to relocate the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The controversial decision angered Muslims throughout the world.

In Geneva, protesters gathered in front of the United Nations in the Swiss city center on Saturday to decry the decision.

Demonstrators chanted slogans against Israel and Trump's decision on Jerusalem, carrying banners reading “Free Palestine, End Israeli Occupation.”

Holding banners reading "Take your hands off Jerusalem”, “Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine” and “No, we are not giving you Jerusalem", some hundreds of people from non-governmental organizations also gathered outside the building of International Court of Justice in The Hague.

In Swedish capital Stockholm, over 2,000 protesters accompanied by the Union of European Turkish Democrats (UETD) as well as some local groups marched to the U.S. Embassy, where they chanted "Freedom to Palestine".

Speaking in front of the embassy building, Sibel Amine Mert from Stockholm chapter of the UETD said they totally disagree with the decision of Trump, emplacing that Turkey and all Turkish people living abroad stand with the Palestinians.

One of the protesters, Dror Feiler, a Swedish activist of Jewish descent, condemned Trump's move.

''Jerusalem is a holy city for Muslims, Jews and Christians. While these three groups need to live in peace here, Trump has unfortunately put the peace in jeopardy with the unfortunate decision he made," Feiler told Anadolu Agency.

Protests also broke out in the German cities of Dortmund and Bremen. People reacted against the decision, which they said, was a violation of human rights.

The dramatic shift in Washington’s Jerusalem policy triggered demonstrations in the occupied Palestinian territories, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Algeria, Iraq and other Muslim countries.

Jerusalem remains at the heart of the Israel-Palestine conflict, with Palestinians hoping that East Jerusalem -- now occupied by Israel -- might eventually serve as the capital of a future Palestinian state.


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