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*** [Jesus Is Not The Lord And Can Never Ever Be] ***

Although the undersigned is not a TV person, he was appalling by the false allegations introduced within an advertising program promoting a religious book under the title of "Islam Exposed" by a complete coincidence through searching and changing channels to watch a brief of the news of the day [.]


            Regardless of the preposterous distortion and obvious animosity inflamed and exposed towards Islam and its people together with the unfounded assertions claimed concerning Islam and the Koran during the segment of presentation carried by a creepy old man and woman, who seemed  to be losing their voices due to a pancreatic cancer or some sort, as a direct punishment from God in retaliation against their willful deception and illusion that is likely self-made out of the real world they are living within and hardly trying to pass it among other innocents to trick or deceive them, [t]heir unrealistic fabricated bogus message simply cannot be believed, received or even resonated by [an] illiterate "ignorant" person –––– not an illiterate "awaken" believer ! ! [!]


            That which was described as so-called "ISLAM EXPOSED" book is [NOT] the subject matter herein –––– And the undersigned has no interest to even waste a single second to know about which sense of exposition may or may not be.  The core and crux matter here is, how an "illiterate" human being could possibly be able to conceive and concede that another human being like him –––– who lived on the face of the Earth for more than three consecutive decades, engage[d] in all human activities from the innocent childhood time to the sexual adult life ––––could be [a] "god" –––– the creator of the Earth and Heaven ! ! [!]


            Having said and emphasized that, and more importantly though, "[H]e Die[d] On The Cross For You" ––– as claimed [!]  What kind of [a] useless "god" was [h]e ? ? ? –––– Why [an] illiterate "ignorant", [not] "awaken" one, should believe in [a] "dead" [god] afterward ? ? [?]


            On the other hand, the religion of Islam, they foolishly and idiotically try to "expose", worships and loves [One] and [Only] One [God] That [Shall] Never [Die] –––– [w]ho called himself –––– [ALLAH] –––– in Arabic Language by all native unique, beautiful and sensational language regardless of the differentiation of their Islamic, Christianity or Judaism faith [.]  How then could they call [a] "dead" man his name was ("Isa") – "Jesus", who was chosen by the real Lord ("God") as merely [a] Prophet – – "god" or "creator" ? ? [?]


            The question remained, what kind of a useless or incompetent "creator" who could [NOT] eve[n] save himself from being torture on the cross, as they claimed, would [be] able [t]o save anyone else ? ? [?]  If, in fact, [h]e has had show[n] and exercised [h]is previous power –– that the real and genuine Mighty God [ALLAH] –– the solely creator of all –– possessed and had stripped it from him –– because his time on the Earth was due and [h]e "must go" . . . "Unless I go away, the Advocate will not come to you" (John 16, 7), in order for him to maneuver and then blow off the thugs who were surrounding [h]is execution arena to free and save himself (first) from the "cross", leaving behind some witnesses to [h]is miracle escape ––––  (Only) [t]hen everyone would be compelled to agree with the "false" claim of the impressive lordly, royalty or superiority –––– That does [not] exist under the circumstances involved and [no] matter what the imagination or allegation implied [.]  Simply, [i]t is unfounded [.]

            To that end, of course, there was a compelling reason and motive for the real Mighty to finally divest and strip his Prophet Jesus the power he had given and vested within him as a servant of him, at that critical and decisive point in time and place  –––– Simply, because of his advance knowledge alerted him that the deceptive followers would later claim what they claimed right now –––– Therefore –––– he had to clearly draw the obvious distinction between the honest[y] and deceit for every consider[able] discerner searching for the truth, and to come later to question his vanished power, ability and capacity to survive the inevitable dramatic and tragic event –––– for which he had miserably and tragically failed the most decisive test of power –––– or even come close to claim [a] powerless "god" [.]          


            Relying on statement uttered by a [a] "holly" (talk show host) at "FOX" media, who is molded and filled with hatred and animosity towards the true religion of [ISLAM] and against its [MOSLEM] believers despite his amateur and childish sexual behavior that later settled the scandal case against him out of court for which immoral conduct undermined his credibility and ability to draw a define line to distinguish between –––– right and wrong –––– true or false –––– would not assist their allegations.  Nor does it make "Jesus" the "lord" or "creator" by any imaginary definition or speculation theory [.]


            What the ignorance in the Western Media could not comprehend, realize and will never understand the genuine and fundamental fact for which is clearly proven [,] the more hatred and hostility devoted toward Islam deliberately poisoning on the air leads directly –– with [no] shred of doubt or question –– [t]o a more and more conversion come[s] easily [t]o (Islam) from all aspect of [a] phenomenon philosophy, ideology and belief –– The terrorist people they criticize and demonize day and night have indeed succeeded [t]o persuade [t]he sixteen and seventeen year-old teenagers "girls" before boys to join their cause in the battle against their own false democratic and modernize free society for which does [not] exist in the real world as so far [.]


Regrettably, the so-called "Radical Islamic Terrorists" referred to by the (newer) "revolutionaries" and the ambitious establishmentarians, have, in fact, succeeded and won the heart and mind of the young "free and democratic" societies of all aspect of the various religions and ideologies all over the world –––– They even turned them against their own societies –––– More importantly though, they derive and motivate the "American Veterans" to frequently commit suicide as a result of their compelling message which contradicts their own belief when [i]t become[s] clearly obvious to them that their "government is incompetent and corrupt" by [t]heir "revolutionaries" and the ambitious "establishmentarians" own rhetorical (admission) [.]  When are they going to wake up from their longing and unattainable dream of demolishing and diminishing the gigantic true religion of Islam ? ? ? –––– The leading majority population faith of all religions around the globe for the last two decades has decisively become –––– Keep your religion and belief to yourself ! ! [!]


            Their desperate measure to associate terrorism with Islam does [NOT] and will [NOT] help their cause either.  The roots of terrorism do [not] need an explanation nor a philosophical review to the Western world that had invented it and still remained the master source of all.  They have created a heaven of terrorism in the Middle East by their ignorant act and action, one after another, under the barbaric theory of the "bully" [ARBAGY] who vowed that he would "Lead a Crusade" against this part of the world to "write the history for them", as he might dreamed.  He arrogantly succeeded with his vow, [but] furthermore, and more importantly though, [h]ad ended his questionable and disputable presidency with [a] famously spectacular [a] "pair of shoes" throw[n] at his face for the entire world to witness and to be remembered, advised and guided accordingly [.]  We have already three (3) tragic and miserable stories hit the net –– And there are more moving and advancing fast forward in progress toward the net to secure the remaining score of a half-dozen tragedy and disaster.  The U.S. has received all of the credits without competition at all [.]


            Now, they tried to sell the unpersuasive theory with its unconceivable notion of "Father and Son" to those who had rejected its foundation more than two (2) millenniums ago before eve[n] the arrival of the Koranic Verses and/or the Messenger of Islam [.]  Adding more fuel on the fire, the irresponsible remarks made by the dreamer for the presidency, who once dreamed to be rooted in [a] Swedish Scandinavia culture, to ban Moslem faith from entering the U.S.  Mistakenly thinking, the Zionist media would help him to get there.  Unfortunately, that frenzy media had lost the control over running the direction of the election since 2008 –– The Hispanic vote has become the decisive factor since [.]  Good luck with that [!]  It remains notwithstanding in the (best) interest for the Moslem world and [ISLAM] in general to have him or other maniac full of madness around to be elected to the oval office [.]


            Of course, there would be no beneficially better choice, event and interest for the Moslem world than to deal with [a] con artist, more radical and arrogant political bodies, bully [ARBUGY] leader whose even cold [not] criticize his opponents and others without reading the transcripted word-by-word written by someone else –– That one who wrote the criticism notes to "ban all Moslem from entering the U.S." together with the admonition of the "Pope" –– should step forward to run for the presidency instead –– But for his obvious religious identity hatred he chose not to [.]


            The stereotype of Islamicphobia does [not] hurt anyone but its promoters.   Chopping people's heads [is] barbaric –––– Torturing people [is] extremely barbaric –––– Both [are] equal in the end.  The latter [is] the worse when its victims decided to go on hunger strike to end their miserable life which considered then more merciful rather than the unbearable torture –– To challenge their will by what they called "rectal feeding" technique after "partially refus[ed] liquids", then joking about and around afterward by an officer who wrote: "We used the largest Ewal [sic] tube we had", to keep them alive for the enjoyable hatred and pleasure of more torture and humiliation, there would be [no] describable words in English literature or any other philosophical languages to demonize such an unspeakable and animalistic crime against [all] humanity.  Unlike chopping heads where the victim subjected to one single event of killing to endure, experience and suffer all at once –––– not to kill his soul by torturing him over and over again on a daily basis day-by-day, noon and night under the immoral and inhumane philosophical theory of an "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques" barbarically and inhumanly exercised at "Guantanamo Bay University" –––– for which [a] denounced practice challenged with productive criticism compel[led] the President of the United States to renew his vow to shut it down [only] after three (3) business days following the unpleasant publication of "*** [An Open Admonition Of Reconsideration To The Immoral, Corrupt Supreme Court of New Jersey And The Arrogant, Ignorant, Idiotic And Moronic Tarattair Justices Of Both The United States Supreme Court And The Supreme Court Of New Jersey] ***" [.]


            Give[n] an example of [a] shameful crime of barbarically executing fifty individuals by sparing the life of one of them to tell others, does [not] make "America Great Again".   We need a selection of fifty great "Americans" from all ages and diversity to send them to use the public bathrooms to find out how many of them flush the toilet –––– [T]hen [we] talk about –––– The number will be shocking to the "free world" embracing the democratic and modernized society everywhere.  Otherwise, the shameful sign urging : (PLEASE FLUSH TOILET AFTER USING) will be disappeared and obviated.  We rather ought to educate our generations from an elementary school to an engineering university on how to flush the toilet to "Make America Great Again" ! ! [!]  We heretofore refrain from discussing anything about rhetoric "Great" when the basic behaviors in public domain remain buried under the mentality of [t]he primitive life [.]            


            Lower your rhetoric [!]  The atomic bomb does [NOT] intimidate this part of the Earth.   Nor does it intimidate the gigantic [ISLAM].  Read the history [!]  [I]SLAM [h]ad crushed and smashed all of the greater empires of their time and place on its time and desire with [NO] exceptions.  The Russian Empire that still remained the most formidable enemy for which [is] meritoriously capable to write and signed the last chapter of the U.S. history, had witnessed and learned the unbearable lesson for which harsh lesson had ended its "superpower" status long time ago.  The U.S. should be guided and advised accordingly.  [I]f it still however has the desire to test the water [,] it must as[k] Russia for more advice and verification [.]                         


            Playing with the losing card in attacking Islam for denying and denouncing "gay and lesbian" –– does [not] help their cause –– Nor does it assist their ground and motive –– [D]o the Judaism and Christianity [in] opposite position of Islam on this particular odd issue ? ? ?  [T]he simple answer is [,] No [.]  [T]his immoral behavior was the motivation for someone, an ignorant of Islam, who does [not] even speak or read the word of Koran, had created his own "satanic" version of himself to appease the West –– in order to become a celebrity with [a] "bodyguard" [.]


            Legalizing "gay and lesbian" by the immoral and strayed "Tarattier" of the highest court of the United States, does [not], and will never make their immoral and forbidden odd behavior acceptable in Judaism, Christianity or ISLAM [.]  The "strayed" courts of the United States of America interpret [ONLY] the law and the rule of American land, [NOT] the law or the rule of the world or the Mighty –––– The Creator of the Earth and Heaven –––– Be aware and mindful of this and that [.]   To be clearer and comprehensible, accepting them within the modernized society does [NOT] mean you agree with their odd, immoral and prohibited behavior.  It is [a] black and white issue where no gray hue sneak[s] between or turn around [.]


            With this clarity as understood in mind and heart, there is [no] such [a] thing to speculate that "One Jesus in Islam" and [a] "Different One in Christianity" as falsely misleading and deliberately misrepresentative and conveyed –––– [T]here is [NONE] –––– [I]t meant to be [ONLY] one who spoke truthfully in "John 16" to announce and reveal to the entire world the necessity of his departure and leaving the world [t]o welcome [t]he upcoming messenger of God. "The Advocate" who "will speak the truth" of "only what [h]e hear[s]" –– Jesus hence cannot contradict himself to allege any fake statements made after his departure about the notion of [a] "false prophet" that does [not], and must [not] exist –– Simply –– [i]t must [NOT] be in any true religion or belief [.]  It just phrase as speculation of some mankind with the intention to create their own doubt to confuse others –––– the shakable ones –––– Nothing more –– Nothing less [.]

If, in fact, they read the Koran "three times" as hypocritically claimed, they would have certainty learned that the Prophet of Islam –––– who was [an] "illiterate" person (could not read or write) [e]ven the direct verses were revealed to him for which could [only] hear and memorize them ––––  [is] the "last" and "sealed" Messenger and/or ("the Advocate") of all –––– More importantly though, [i]t perfectly fit[s] the ("Advocate") description offer[ed] by the Christ himself in ("John 16, 13") reciting [:] "But when [h]e, the Spirit of truth, comes, [h]e will guide you into all the truth.  [H]e will [not] speak on his own; [h]e will speak [only] what [h]e hear[s], and [h]e will tell you what is yet to come" [.] To that end, Jesus ("The Son of Mary") was describing and pointing towards [no] one [,] except, the Prophet of Islam in particular [.]


To that extent, [u]ntil the heaven "suddenly" appears "clouded" with [a] massive global smoke shown all over the Earth and Space –––– [t]his will be the inevitable moment of [t]he true Judgment Day as obviously clear as clarified in the "Koran" –––– that shall never lie [.]  Certainly  [NOT] –––– Whether they do agree with the "declaration signed by the 300 U.S. ministers and priests" [w]ho "declare[d] that God [is] the same [one] for all", as they mentioned –––– [Jesus Is Not The Lord And Can Never Ever Be] [.]


[I]f Jesus was "God", and of course [NOT], why on the earth he refused to show or rather "expose" his face to his most beloved Prophet "Moses" –––– [t]he one was ("created on his eyes") –––– when he demanded him to do so ? ? [?]  Let whoever believes in Jesus as [a] "god" in the entire world to come forward to provide us with his/her imaginary or magical answer to this simple question –––– Otherwise, it is more respectful for oneself towards others to remain quiet and kee[p] whatever religion and lord whomever may be –––– Jehovah, Jesus and/or with all for yourself –––– Because –––– Jesus Is [NOT] The Lord And Can [NEVER] Be [.]


Pretending this hypocritical sympathy in condolence to the Jews was ridiculous, if not absurd at best –– since the Christians who hated the Jews most notwithstanding had prosecuted them in Europe before becoming the barbaric and brutal colonial occupier of the Arabic Islamic Palestine –––– They were indeed their "lovely" Christians who discriminated against them, [NOT] the Arabs or Moslem[s] enemy –––– History does [NOT] lie –––– Make No Mistake [!]      


Regardless of how liberal and open-minded the undersigned despite his birth certificate of natural born, the legitimate question remained, if they so-convinced of their belief –––– what is the purpose of publishing and "selling" their book and other CDs [t]o purposely gain [a] profit –––– and for which interesting orients are they targeting??? –– [No] illiterate "ignorant" Moslem, as far as we know, would be interested to believe or even wanted to know about [a] ("dead god") who was crucified by bunch of thugs and mobs [.]  But, because of their ("the Christian missionaries and promoters") sense of wisdom believe that the "Christian World" [is] shaken in their fundamental belief –––– and furthermore approaching the edge of danger where almost emerged on the verge of collapsing –––– [t]hey become more ironically and seriously desperate and decide to attack the concrete credibility and solidarity grounded and founded in the genuine strength of the mighty standing profound and highly proud Islam –––– to say nonsense to attract attention with their dysfunction and deceptive message –––– But to whom or from where ? ? [?]


It is [a] desperate attempt after realizing, unfortunately, that the "terrorists' message"   indeed [h]as spread well and very quickly across the entire world among all young Christians, men and women respectively.   In turn, they should offer and provide them with their book free of charge to further persuade them to believe in their ideological theories –––– if, in fact, [t]hey have any true –––– [NOT] with a tag price of $24.99.  As a matter of fact, this article is being given free and gift for all publishers whoever show an interest to publish it [.]  On the other hand, [I]slam has become the leading of [t]he majority religion in the whole world whether the hatred ignorant monsters among us accept this undeniable fact or reject [.]


More generally though, the most intellectual and civilized Western country based in the heart of Europe proudly renown France, the majority of its population represents more than seventy percent of Moslems –––– Hence, what kind of "exposition" of Islam can be more done there where its greatest and sophisticated philosophers, poets and genius thinkers like Voltaire, Moliére, Honoré de Balzac, Victor Hugo, Anatole France, John Russo and the rest of all had, in fact, raised a serious doubt and questioned the implication of the unfounded foundation of the "Trinity" theory –––– Some of them, had gone far to criticize sharply, harshly and show[n] their animosity aggressively towards the church with its ideologist and dialogistic teaching.  Others went even further on their own style to admonish the Pope himself in Rome –––– These genuine brilliant human beings as extraordinarily talented philosophers, poets and thinkers had never had the chance or otherwise afforded an opportunity to know Islam or even read the Koran by any language [.]  The impact and effect of their unique talent and knowledge would be much far greater to create a massive religious revolution favorably towards Islam that would have shake[n] the core foundation of the entire Western civilization within its belief and ideological theory of the Christian doctrine of [t]he "Trinity" defines God as three consubstantial persons [,] expressions, or hypostases: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit [,] "one God in three persons" –– (of which an uneasy, if not impossible to swallow or even digest by those with [a] brilliant brain) –– and might as well expand to defy or define the Christ himself –– for centuries and centuries to come –––– whether the Christians world would accept this truth or reject [.]


As a matter of fact, when Victor Hugo felt the intense heat and the extreme pressure of criticism intensified –– which invaded and surrounded him with his most admirable master as familiar known field –– of leaving his religion, caught between religious doubt created within himself from one side, and the fear of damaging his career and the fading spotlight of becoming financially broken –– [h]e had [no] choice to make, but declaring publically that he "will die Christian" –– Otherwise, the historical deal of one million French franc paid for his legendary (Les Misérables) at that critical point and era –– would never had been come to light [.]


There can be no question that Victor Hugo left the world with no knowledge or idea about any of the fundamental values and principles of Islam.  Had he known any of all, the main sympathetic character delightfully debated within the (Les Misérables) concerning the harsh and cruel sentence of someone poor for stealing a loaf of bread for which had been based on the real story from the French society, would had entirely staged, played and demonstrated differently –– and might had indeed affected his life and career together.   No one ever told him, that under the Islamic Sharia Law, his fictitious character (Jean Valjean) would never be convicted, charged or arrested for stealing a loaf of bread –– or [i]f even went far to snatch a Shish-kebab Sandwich ––  [No] one has the right nevertheless to chase him to either grabbing or taking it back from him.  The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can easily verify or correct this undeniable fact and principle [.]


Articulated and based on the same values and principles, it had been reported in the Arabic headlines lately, that a bakery store in Saudi Arabic gets rid of all of its cashers.  Then installed a self-service drop box hanging by the front door for those who "could afford to pay for their bread" to put in whatever –– with [NO] charge for those who "could [not] afford to walk out" free without neither question nor embarrassment –– Definitely, Victor Hugo had missed that merciful fortunate event –– His sorrow tone and tune overwhelming in (Les Misérables) would have been changed in reducing his raging and ferocious anger to be a little softer and more tolerant towards the injustice that usually imposed on the poor in particular.  He was among others who strongly believed that idea "stronger than an army" –– They meant what they said –– Hopefully, the U.S. understands the meaning of this wisdom to further order its childish FBI's agents and other law enforcement agencies [t]o cease and desist harassing those who are capable enough to adhere and maintain such an idea before it comes to be too little and too late [.]                         


This is the unexplained and unexposed reality that no one Christian wanted to talk about.  The obvious and compelling reason which held them back in avoiding their confrontation with their own society, was [t]heir fear and anxiety to lose their publishers, and ultimately their depending earning and [only] source of living for which may reasonable –– (but unethical) –– reason is understandable.  Considering the fact, Anatole France was indeed facing with the expecting consequence due to his notable moral courage when Italy banned him from entering the country, as a direct result of his confrontation with the Pope to merely admonish him.  [T]o that end, what "exposer", if any, we are discussing here in order to unlikely as well unethically criticize the most dominated as stabilized outstanding and supreme religion of all time that magically and fastly spreading into every corner around the world whether [t]hey agree or disagree [.]  Overall, Islam has become the recognizable leading and dominating revered religion in the universe.  [T]his is what exactly with certainty the Lord of Islam and the Universe has vowed and as promised [h]is Messenger of Islam to ("accomplish") [in] despite of the infidels and the "unbelievers dislike" according to the Koran [.]  The Truth comes true –– Here we are [.]


This is [NOT] an invitation to Islam or conversion by any mean –––– Stay the way you are with your religion and belief intact –––– [But] DO [NOT] force it on us –––– You have created the terrorism around the world and you must accept and deal with the consequences –––– Keep fooling yourself and your people –––– DO [NOT] fool us [.]  We are smarter than your childish messages spreading by [a] bunch of ignorant messengers heading towards nowhere but reaching [t]heir dead end [.]            


With that in mind, the clearly obvious indication articulated, illustrated and demonstrated here, does not support nor stand for more than a prescription and description of a messenger and [a] prophet of [God] –––– Nothing more –––– Nothing less –––– More importantly though, [i]t has clarified the undeniable and unquestionable truth –––– [Jesus Is Not The Lord And Can [NEVER] Be] [.]

By:      Assem A. Abulkhair

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