Mysterious monster snake photographed at Nerang National Park

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Mysterious monster snake photographed at Nerang National Park

A SNEAKY serpent is lurking in the Nerang National Park but mystery surrounds just how big it really is and whether it presents any danger.

A cyclist took this picture during a routine ride through the forest and posted it on the Gold Coast Mountain Bike Club Facebook page, from where it went viral.

Experts are divided over just how long the snake could be, with estimates ranging from two metres to a massive five metres.

One person said they saw it at one end of the forest four months ago while another said it was slithering through the inner trails 18 months ago.

Yet another said they saw it earlier this week after the Gold Coast Mountain Bike Club reported the reptile on their page.

“We had it sent to us, so we’re not exactly sure who took it, or where it was,” treasurer of Gold Coast Mountain Bike Club, Jeff Patterson, said.

“A good mate of mine has also confirmed seeing it near Norco Flow three or four months ago.

“It’s got a lot of us talking.”

Snake experts say it is hard to tell from the picture exactly how big the snake is but say it could be from two metres to five metres.

They do agree it definitely had a good feed of possum, kangaroo or even a dog inside it.

Wildlife expert Dan Bamblett said it was a case for the X-Files.

“Carpet pythons are generally around the two-metre mark but this one could be up to four metres,” he said.

“It’s definitely a snake for the X-Files.

“Based solely on the girth of the snake in the photo, I would say it’s quite a big one.

“I suppose it could be (up to 5m long) but it’s hard to tell and it would be rare.

“Theoretically it could kill a very small child or toddler — or even an adult if you let it wrap around your chest and neck and didn’t fight back.”

Snake catcher Tony Harrison carpet pythons were not an aggressive breed.

“He’s definitely had a good feed of something that’s for sure,” Mr Harrison said.

“They don’t tend to go around attacking people but yeah, if something got in its way it’s capable of damage.

“They don’t travel very far, especially if he’s got a belly like that, so it’s likely it’s the same snake people have been seeing.”

The python is not the only snake to spark interest on the Gold Coast after an exotic boa constrictor was set loose at The Spit last year.

The constrictor was found in Surfers Paradise and released at the Spit by police who thought they were doing the right thing, much to the consternation of biosecurity experts who want it captured and killed.

They say the imported reptile poses a danger to native animals.

All attempts to find the sneaky serpent have so far been fruitless.

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