Solution to Syria crisis: Iran eviction

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Solution to Syria crisis: Iran eviction

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'With more than 442,440 refugees and migrants having arrived via the Mediterranean so far this year, some 2,921 deaths, and 4,000 people arriving on the Greek islands daily, the crisis is growing and being pushed from one country to another without solution,' UNHCR spokesperson Adrian Edwards told a press briefing in Geneva.

The world's conscience has been moved by these figures and pictures. The world human rights defenders and progressive people have been mobilized to find a solution to wrap up this newly emerged humane disaster. Their efforts are vital and indispensable, but the question annoying the minds is that how such significant migrant crisis suddenly has burst and turned into number one issue on the table. The answer must be surveyed in the erroneous strategy of the US and EU governments dealing with the crisis in this region. Had the U.S. and EU not complied with the crimes of Iran's religious fascism, Assad and Maliki in Syria and Iraq and to the genocide and bloodbath in these countries, the peoples of Syria and Iraq would not become homeless and the terrorist ISIS would not expand in their countries. The Syrian people in fight with the tyranny of Bashar Al – Assad expected the world to support their cause. Every day under barrel and chemical bombing of Bashar, Syrian received the sympathy of the people round the world followed by hollow discourses form the US and the EU governments. Their least demand was a “no fly zone” similar to what was implemented in Iraq in 1982 Iraq war to survive the brutal Assad bombings. But frustrated with world negligence, they had no choice but to leave their homeland and take their future into their own hands. This time, people are no longer waiting for a more peaceful and privileged world beyond to come to them with aid. They’re coming to that better safer place themselves - no matter what it takes.

Now, they are out of the sequel of Assad's atrocities under the auspices of the Iranian regime. There are yet millions of their fellow citizens inside the country left with no support while at war with Bashar’s forces built-up with Iraqi, Hezbollah and Afghan proxies of Iran on one side and the ISIS forces on the other side. And yet, even as this crisis explodes with unprecedented human force, the fate of one man, Bashar al-Assad, seems to matter more, to all sides, than the fate of 22 million people.Russia and Iran are rushing to bolster the government’s increasingly embattled position. Western powers focus on ramping up air strikes.

This dilemma is not limited to Syria, the fault and absurd

Policy of the west has pounded its wreckful impacts on Iraq and Iran, too. The Iraq UNAMI website published some statistics on Sep. 13, 2015 revealing the number of Iraqis homeless refugees within the country summing up to about three millions.

Meanwhile, the head of the UN’s Refugee Agency, Antonio Gutiérrez, has repeatedly invoked one mantra: “There is no humanitarian solution for this tragic humanitarian crisis, the only real solution is political.” The political solution is allowing the people to decide who to fight with. Respect them as the front liners and do your part as furtherance.  Offended with Iran’s fierce fundamentalism, brutalities and hegemonic ambitions, people in this region consider this regime as the backbone of their calamities and not their savior. Thus, no matter what the world’s great powers prefer to do, growing numbers of Syrians and Iraqis are taking their future into their own hands, either as refugees abroad or as freedom fighters inside the country. The people always offer the real and practical solution, in this case; cut Iran’s hands off.

Keyvan Salami a human rights activist writing in favor of freedom, democracy and progress in the Middle East.


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