Where are Australia and the Western Coalition or is it that the Rohingyas don’t matter?.. By:Amjad Mehboob

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Where are Australia and the Western Coalition or is it that the Rohingyas don’t matter?.. By:Amjad Mehboob

Rohingya News Agency (The Telegraph): Burmese security forces organised and stood guard over Buddhist attacks on Muslim settlements before burying scores of bodies, some with their hands tied behind their backs, in mass graves, Human Rights Watch said

Where are Australia and the Western Coalition or is it that the Rohingyas don’t matter?

The Australian media is totally silent and the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister are too busy fighting “Islamic” terrorism in the Middle East to care about the tragic fate of these people in our neighbourhood.

The media, off course, has no view and no conscience in such matters – the same as when 500+ Palestinian children were blown to pieces by Israeli jets in the last war of many over the 70 years of their brutal subjugation. Ironically, many Israelis especially intellectuals and newspapers inside the country and Jews living abroad constantly write, agitate and demonstrate their abhorrence of the Israeli government atrocities against Palestinians. Tragically, the Australian society as a whole does not get any exposure of the true picture of the situation inside Palestine. Our politicians cannot even express a “concern” at what has been happening.

The Australian Government expects Islamic organizations and Muslims in the country to fight against extremism and radicalization among the youth. Muslim parents and families have been doing their best to ensure that their children get a good upbringing with the correct and proper understanding of Islam and a good education so that they will have a good and decent life in this country. Islamic associations have been doing the same and trying to keep the youth away from drugs, alcohol and away from the streets. These efforts are continuing at all levels. There is no place in Islam and its teachings for radical and extremist ideology.

We now know that the security agencies could not identify Mon Manis who was in front of them all the time as a threat. People around him reported to the agencies and still he could not be identified for some time until he carried out the act of terrorism! How are Muslims supposed to stop or prevent radicalization in the youth? They are not trained nor are they experts!

Meanwhile, the anti-terrorism rhetoric of the political leaders and the non-stop bombardment and attacks on Muslims in the media continue unabated. These, combined with the Government’s draconian legislation targeting Muslims and the silence and inaction of the West on atrocities committed against Muslims around the world are somethings that actively contribute to push the already marginalised youth towards adopting radical ideas. The parents and the Muslim society cannot do much to counter this influence. Australia needs to understand that these are some of the real causes of radicalization of the Muslim youth around the world and there must be a balance in the Governments and the media do.
Australia has been totally silent in the most recent Rohingyas crisis where people are being killed and displaced simply because they belong to a different faith. The deafening silence in this country shows how deep we have fallen into the crevice of justice and conscience.

Islamic Schools in Australia have been seen as the most important in any fight against extremism, terrorism, radicalization or whatever new terminology we use. Large numbers of the youth, boys and girls, have the opportunity to get qualifications and training to get jobs, become professionals and successful in life and who then provide examples of how one can get out of the misery of unemployment, discrimination, drugs, broken families, etc. Education has been a key factor in the changes in society and we have seen this happen time and again.

Unfortunately, Islamic Schools have become targets of trouble-makers in the Islamic communities and the Governments who take knee-jack approaches to any issues that appear in the media hungry for any story about Muslims and Islam. There may have been or there are some concerns about how the Islamic Schools are run but by far and large, they have been operating very well and successfully. Mismanagement or abuse of funds has been minimal if any. What appears in the media is nothing but wild and crazy allegations from disgruntled members of the Muslim community. Politicians openly concede that they see this all the time in their own political lives. Unfortunately, it is the Islamic Schools that suffer from this and the impact could have the effect of adversely harming the very effect of what the Schools are trying to do – give the youth a chance in life.


Amjad Mehboob
NSW State Member of Muslims Australia – AFIC
Former CEO of AFIC
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