The challenge facing today’s world..BY:Heshmat Alavi

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The challenge facing today’s world

BY:Heshmat Alavi

If Alfred Nobel knew how many people would have lost their lives to his invention of dynamite, he would most probably rethink his work and seek another method to help mankind. Albert Einstein probably also had double thoughts after seeing the drastic effects of the first atomic bomb…
However, who knew that a simple blade would one day be used as a weapon to direct a passenger plane into the World Trade Center and kill thousands of innocent people? Who knew that in a country like Iran an electric cable would be used as a tool to impose one of the most painful methods of torture? Who knew the fingers of a low-level thief would be cut off in Iran while senior regime officials are involved in embezzlement cases covering over $2.6bn.
How can one actually believe that people in Iran are selling their kidneys just to make ends meet? In this land rich in natural resources, families are literally selling their children, especially girls on the Persian Gulf’s filthy sex slave market … in the meantime, the ayatollahs ruling Iran are spending billions to maintain Bashar Assad in power in Syria, allowing him to drop more and more deadly barrel bombs and chlorine gas shells on innocent women and children.
How can one imagine cranes being used to carry out daily public executions in square across Iran? The “moderate” Rouhani has executed more than 1,700 people and counting in less than two years…
Now, with all these atrocities, imagine if there were no resistance movement against Iran’s ayatollahs. No brave men and women risking their lives to unveil Tehran’s clandestine nuclear weapons program. Just imagine the ayatollahs being armed with nuclear weapons, and how they would disrupt the entire world order with their extremist methods. This is what makes this regime so dangerous.
The world is once again facing a challenge similar to that of 1938 where Chamberlain appeased the Nazis and plunged the world into World War II. Back then, the world needed a firm policy against the Nazis. Today, the world is once in need of such a step. An anti-extremismfundamentalism front must be established against Iran’s ayatollahs. The solution is a government led by this regime’s anti-thesis, meaning the movement of Maryam Rajavi and the National Council of Resistance of Iran that are known for their resistance and perseverance for democracy in Iran. Maryam Rajavi and her movement are not only the hope of the Iranian people to establish a free Iran, but they also represent a pacifist, non-nuclear Iran in the region that stands for progress, human rights and especially women’s rights.
Express your support for Maryam Rajavi and her struggle against Islamic fundamentalism, and for democracy, human rights and a non-nuclear Iran. The best way is to take part in the Iranian Resistance’s major rally on June 13 in Paris.
Enough with appeasement vis-à-vis the ayatollahs. The world can no longer tolerate religious fascism in any sense.

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