Futile attempts to rescue collapsing nuke talks- By:Heshmat Alavi

| 04.06,15. 02:51 AM |

Futile attempts to rescue collapsing nuke talks


By:Heshmat Alavi

Following the Iranian opposition NCRI exposure on Thursday that Iran is forging ties with North Korea over nuclear weapons, doubts has grown again about how successful the talks with Iran over its nuclear ambitions would be. This is particularly important since the U.N. atomic agency on Friday reported that work on a key element - an assessment of allegations that Tehran worked on atomic arms - remains essentially stalled. The IAEA is focused on 12 alleged activities that point to Iranian attempts to make such weapons, including suspicions that Tehran worked on the development on a nuclear payload for missiles. The IAEA started its probe last year by asking for information on less sensitive work related to nuclear arms allegedly carried out by Iran. A confidential IAEA report issued Thursday and obtained by The Associated Press said that Tehran has since shared some other information on related alleged experiments but continues to hold back on the next stage of the IAEA probe.

The US state department press spokesman, Jeff Rathke in reply to the questions about the information surfaced on Iran- North Korea nuclear cooperation said: we have seen these claims, and we take any such reports seriously. … we’re examining the report but we don’t have any information at this time that would lead us to believe that these allegations impact our ongoing negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program.

This very vague reply indicates that the State Department has no interest in verifying that reports of the cooperation between Iran and North Korea are true. The New York Times commented  yesterday such cooperation would belie Tehran ’ s insistence that it is not pursuing a nuclear weapon and would necessarily blow up any nuclear agreement. Therefore it is clear that Obama’s administration will just stop at taking the matter serious but will continue placating the Iranian regime to reach a deal with the mullahs in Iran, how bad a deal is not important. 

Jennifer Rubin wrote in Washington Post on Tuesday that,  As we have noted, President Obama’s notion that a revolutionary Islamic, virulently anti-Semitic regime can nevertheless be rational or is “moderating” is wrong-headed and dangerous.  More evidence arises each day that the ideological nature of the regime defines its behavior and poses an insuperable barrier to getting Obama’s “good deal.” As Jennifer Rubin outlines you cannot have an irrational suppressive Islamic fundamentalist regime of Iran suppressing its own people with a deteriorating record last year, and at the same time expect that it is sincere to the world about its nuclear arms.

“In short, Obama relies on a fiction — Iran is rational or moderating — because a revolutionary, apocalyptic regime will of course defy any agreement, cheat, pursue its nuclear program and use the deal to gain cover for its terrorist activities.”

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