Who is the winner in Middle East crisis? ..By:Heshmat Alavi

| 03.06,15. 12:24 AM |

Who is the winner in Middle East crisis?

By:Heshmat Alavi

12 years after the US war in Iraq, the Middle East region has driven out from its previous equilibrium. The question is where we are heading to and is there any way to prevent further loss to the people of this region?

3265Iranian resistance declared in a book “fundamentalism” as the new global treat with its origin in Teheran 22 years ago. What it looked like a new born 22 years ago, now has become a giant. Western country policies helped giant to grow up in these years. Today, isis is the result of crimes committed by Bashar Assad in Syria and massacre and exclusion of Sunni’s in Iraq by Maliki and Western silence to terrorist group of Ghods of Iranian regime. Unfortunately the same western policies looks at Iranian regime, godfather of isis and terrorism as a partner or a solution to the Middle East problem .that is the deepness of tragedy, the same wrong policy.

How would west win the Middle East crisis? In an extraordinary opportunity the Iranian people shouted on streets back in 2009 and asked for the regime change in Iran. Their massage was very clear.

That is what the Iranian resistance is propagandizing for so many years. Gathering over 100000 people in Paris every year with Maryam Rajavi shows highly support of resistance by the Iranian people. This year gathering will be held on June 23th. In Paris.

If the west want to win the crisis in Middle East, must support the will of Iranian people to change the regime in Iran. Silence for the violation of human rights in Iran must be ended.believe it or not, the Iranian regime is at the center of turmoil in Middle East. Peace comes to this part of the world only by the change in Iran.


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