Girls have lucky escape from flying car

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Girls have lucky escape from flying car

June 20, 2009 07:37pm

TWO young girls had a lucky escape when a car ploughed through a garden wall and smashed into the bedroom wall of their Perth home.

The car had sped through an intersection, hit the kerb and flew through the air into the Bicton home.

It hit a garden wall before crashing into the bedroom wall, throwing rubble and masonry over the girls as they slept, and ended on its roof, reports Perth Now.

Police said it was suspected the driver had been drinking. He and two passengers were taken to Fremantle Hospital.

The six-year-old girls, Jasmine Atkinson and Abby McNamara, who was on a sleepover and were sharing the bed, escaped with cuts and bruises.

Neighbour Tom Rowe said: "I thought someone had hit my house the bang was so loud, but when I went out and nothing had happened I thought I had been dreaming.

"Then I looked over and thought 'bloody hell'".

"The car had not stopped. It hit the footpath kerb and travelled 10-15 metres airborne. There were no tyre marks on the verge.

"It went through one wall and knocked down the bedroom wall. Bricks, window frames, glass, everything ended up on the bed.

"I heard the girls screaming and went in through the hole.

"The mother had taken one child, the other was trapped by a piece of aluminium. I guess it was the window frame.

"I lifted it up and she crawled out.

"The girls would have had a hell of a fright.

"There was masonry all over the bed. The biggest piece would have been half a meter square.

"The girls were extremely lucky that it didn't hit them. Who knows what could have happened."

Abby's father Tim McNamara from Palmyra said: "They were very, very lucky that they only got a few scratches.

"They were shocked but, luckily, not seriously hurt."

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