Black market supplying illegal guns

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Black market supplying illegal guns

 May 14, 2012

HOME Affairs Minister Jason Clare has blamed the "local black market" for the outbreak of firearms on Sydney's streets amid claims just a handful of guns seized by police over the past 18 months had been imported illegally.
Mr Clare yesterday released Australian Crime Commission figures which showed only three of the 237 handguns confiscated by police had originated overseas. "In February I ordered a national investigation into the illegal firearms market headed up by the Australian Crime Commission," he said. "It revealed there are tens of thousands of illegal firearms on our streets and most of them are stolen, not illegally imported. This fact proves that the main problem is the local black market."

NSW Police Minister Michael Gallacher last night refuted the statistics, saying the state had "uncovered hundreds of illegally imported gun parts and guns in this year alone".

Earlier this year, NSW Police claimed they had smashed a huge gun importation ring which allegedly delivered hundreds of firearms into Sydney from Germany.



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