Ibrahim brother has 4th surgery

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brother has 4th surgery





A MAN shot alongside his girlfriend as they sat in a Lamborghini on Sydney's north shore has undergone surgery for the fourth time in two days.

Police have refused to confirm media reports the victim is Fadi Ibrahim, whose brother has alleged links to bikie gangs.

The 35-year-old was shot five times about 11.25pm (AEST) on Friday while parked outside his home in Neerim Road, Castle Cove. His 23-year-old girlfriend was struck in the leg.

They were treated at the scene and taken to Royal North Shore Hospital. The bullet was removed from the woman's leg and she was discharged on Saturday, a hospital spokeswoman told AAP.

Mr Ibrahim had already been operated on three times since the attack before undergoing surgery again on Sunday morning. He will return to the intensive care unit in a serious but stable condition.

Police believe the attack on Fadi Ibrahim in his car outside his Castle Cove home on Sydney's North Shore late on Friday night will spark a chain of revenge shootings between warring bikie gangs.

Ibrahim, an associate of the Notorious bikie gang, was seated in his black Lamborghini with his 23-year-old girlfriend when a lone gunman, who had been waiting on the golf course across the road, walked over and shot him five times in the stomach, chest and arm through the car window.

His girlfriend, Shayda, was shot in her leg. Yesterday, two police officers guarded the door of the Intensive Care Unit at Royal North Shore Hospital where Ibrahim was fighting for his life after "hours" of surgery.

Former NSW assistant police commissioner Clive Small warned there would be retribution for the shooting. He said: "It would be a very brave or stupid decision to shoot a member of the Ibrahim family in this way. If Fadi survives, he will no doubt identify his attackers.

"And I'm sure that he would know who was behind it."

At least 40 bikie associates and friends of the Ibrahim brothers gathered in support of Fadi at the hospital yesterday.

They were aggressive and hostile when approached by The Sunday Telegraph.

But a family friend said: "With all this s*** happening there's going to be a big hurt coming up."

John Ibrahim, 38, a Kings Cross nightclub promoter, is the most high-profile member of the Ibrahim family.

In the past, he has been the subject of hundreds of police intelligence reports. Ibrahim has consistently denied the allegation put to him during the Wood royal commission in 1996 that he was the "lifeblood of the drugs industry of Kings Cross".

John Ibrahim has never been convicted of a criminal offence.

His three brothers, Hassan (Sam), 43, Fadi, 35, and Michael, 30, are said to have amassed "many powerful enemies". Sam Ibrahim is a former branch president of the Nomads motorcycle club, which splintered in 2007 to form a new club, Notorious.

He denies any link to Notorious or to drugs.

Underworld sources believe the attack may have been designed to send a message to Fadi's older brother, John.

They warned that John may be the next target. Police sources told of how John Ibrahim remained calm as he was delivered the news by officers shortly after the attack.

The attack is understood to have been carried out with a calm, cold precision, with witnesses telling police the gunman turned around and walked away, without running, after he finished discharging the gun.

It is believed a silencer was used in the attack. The gunman calmly walked out of the golf course when Fadi pulled up in his car just before 11.30pm on Friday night and unloaded the weapon. Officers said yesterday investigators were aware of who carried out the attack and were likely to arrest the assailant in the imminent future.

Police sources, meanwhile, claim that Fadi has also been listed in police intelligence files.

John, however, has strongly maintained he has no dealings with the criminal world and all his earnings are completely legitimate. For his part, Fadi has described himself as a construction developer.

Mr Small said the Ibrahim power-base was now under threat. He added: "If there are no reprisals, it simply sends a message to others who might have a disagreement or dispute that the Ibrahims are now vulnerable to attack."

A 17-year-old resident heard the young woman crying out in pain and immediately called an ambulance, potentially saving Mr Ibrahim's life. A police officer from the North Shore Local Area Command arrived at the scene and performed CPR in a bid to revive him.

North Shore Acting Superintendent Peter Yeomans said all possible steps were being taken to minimise further violence.

"At the moment we're asking for assistance from the public in relation to this brutal and violent crime. Police are always mindful of reprisal attacks in relation to victims such as these," he said.

Officers speculate it is the third in a series of attacks that has already left two other men, former Nomads bikie Todd O'Connor and Bandidos associate Milad Sande, dead.

Fadi is known to maintain one of the lowest profiles among the Ibrahim brothers.


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