Attempts to Evacuate Wounded Journalists Trapped in Homs Continued

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Attempts to Evacuate Wounded Journalists Trapped in Homs Continued


Farah News Online: The Friends of Syria conference called for the immediate ending of all acts of violence, imposing more sanctions on the Assad regime, and recognizing the Syrian National Council as a legitimate representative of the Syrian people. The final statement of the conference also called for taking the right step to impose sanctions against the regime and its allies, allowing humanitarian organizations to offer aid to Homs and Zabadani, and creating humanitarian corridors inside Syria.

 The attempts to evacuate the three injured journalists in the neighbourhood of Baba Amr in Homs continued, as the Red Cross negotiated with the regime to evacuate the journalists, but the regime refused, and allowed entry to Homs to only the Red Crescent. However, upon arrival of the Red Crescent, the journalists refused to evacuate without the injured Syrian activists and without the Ambassadors of their countries to guarantee their safety. Meanwhile, the shelling on the city of Homs continued, while the humanitarian conditions continue to deteriorate because of the inability of the residents to tend to the wounded because of the shelling and the lack of medical supplies, communications, power, and water, while regime forces continued to loot houses and shops.

 Assad’s forces killed at least 103 today, in what was deemed the Friday of Rising for Baba Amr; most fell in Idlib. According to the Local Coordination Committees, over 617 protest locations were reported on Friday protests across Syrian cities and towns. The regime’s military operations responded throughout the country, as regime forces executed 18 -including an entire family- in the town of Khattab in Hama. Shelling on the villages of Khnaizer, Sawi, Jraijes, Kafar al-Toun, and Halfaya in the Hama Province continued, causing the destruction of many houses and triggering massive evacuations. Assad’s forces also invaded the towns of Kafarshamas and Tafas in the province of Daraa, shelled the city of Idlib and the town of Atareb in the province of Aleppo, and opened heavy machinegun fire in the cities of Douma, Moadamiya al-Sham, and Rhaiba in the suburbs of Damascus and in the city of Raqqa.

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