Alawites Accuse the Regime of Committing Massacres in Homs

| 10.02,12. 10:43 AM |


Alawites Accuse the Regime of Committing Massacres in Homs

Farah News Online: An Alawite group from Homs issued a statement accusing the Assad regime of committing massacres in the city of Homs. This comes after the regime escalated its violence level by executing entire families in the Sabil neighbourhood. While three families were trying to escape their houses during the shelling, Assad’s militiamen detained them and slaughtered them with knives in front of their houses.
 At least 117 were killed today; most fell in Homs, including 21 children and 6 women. Eighteen newborn babies were demised after electricity was cut off the hospitals where their incubators were located. The search continues for other victims died under the rubbles of the collapsed houses.
 A military campaign on the suburb of Daraa was launched, as the towns of Tesil and Tafas were shelled and raided by tanks and militiamen. Meanwhile, the Damascus suburbs of Zabadani and Madaya continue to be subjected to heavy shelling by tanks, artillery, and rockets. The regime is still unable to gain access to these cities despite the ongoing siege that led to further deterioration of humanitarian conditions.

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