Arab League Calls for a Unity Government Headed by VP Farouq al-Sharea

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Arab League Calls for a Unity Government Headed by VP Farouq al-Sharea


Farah News Online; The Arab League called for a Syrian national unity government to be formed by the current government and the opposition. The unity government, led by current Vice President Farouq al-Sharea, is supposed to enact the Arab League’s protocol and prepare for presidential and parliamentary elections. On the other hand, Saudi Arabia announced it will be withdrawing its Observers from Syria. Saudia also called on the Arab League to implement sanctions on the regime that were decided upon by the League and were not executed.
 Snow started falling on the mountains of Idlib and the Syrian refugee camps in Turkey, making the humanitarian conditions of Syrians even worse, as a lot were turned to refugees on their own lands. Turkish authorities confiscated laptops, cameras, and phones so refugees would not be able to convey the images of their suffering to the media as many tents caved in – especially in the Yelda 2 camp where electricity was allegedly cut off.
 Assad forces continue to amass its forces to retake the Damascus suburb of Zabadani, as many reports indicated the arrival of many Hezbollah troops to the borders of Zabadani and at the highways leading to it through the Yaboos border crossing. Meanwhile, clashes continued on the highway leading to the Damascus suburb of Rankoos.

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