Arab League to Extend Observers Mission and SNC Demands UNSC Referral

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Arab League to Extend Observers Mission and SNC Demands UNSC Referral


Farah News Online: An Arab League source stated that the League is expected to extend the Observers Mission in Syria for another month and keeping the current number at 150 observers, despite the fact that the UN has already started training new observers. Many countries rejected any extension of this Mission as it provides the regime with diplomatic cover to continue its atrocities against the Syrian people. However, the League believes that this is not the time for internationalization of the Syrian issue as the international community is not ready yet to intervene militarily in Syria. SNC President Burhan Ghalioun headed to the Arab League headquarters in Cairo to call for deferring the Syrian issue to the UNSC in order to create a buffer zone and a no-fly zone. Ghalioun is scheduled to meet with Arab League chairman tomorrow.
Massive demonstrations broke out today at about 455 hot spots to warn the world and stakeholders in the region that demonstrators would arm themselves if there is no immediate end to the atrocities committed against the Syrian people. This development imposes many dangerous repercussions on the revolution; however, no protection has been provided to the Syrian people despite the months of atrocities and their constant calls for deliverance from the regime. According to Syrian activists in Lebanon, a Hezbollah convoy in Harmel in Bikaa left to Syria through the Military route at the Masna border crossing.
Jordanian authorities detained Hussein Jasem Abbas, a human rights activist working with Adaleh (Justice) humanitarian group after he tried to sneak to Syria. According to activists from the same group, the Jordanian authorities will be handing over Abbas to the Syrian authorities soon, despite the fact that he will likely be tortured and executed. It is noted that Abbas is an official Syrian refugee on Jordanian lands as he was registered at the UNHCR in Amman.
Assad’s forces killed at least 21 today, as the security conditions continue to deteriorate prompting the US State Department to announce it might shut down its embassy in Damascus soon, as the US believes the regime is not in full control of many areas in Syria.
Economically, the Syrian Pound lost half of its value since the beginning of the revolution, as its exchange rate has jumped from 45 to 71 Syrian Pounds per US Dollar since March 2011. This new development will likely paralyze all imports, triggering a hike in demand of basic commodities, such as medicine, pharmaceuticals, gas, and basic metals.


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