Hariri uncomfortable with the observers mission

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Hariri uncomfortable with the observers mission

Hariri uncomfortable with the observers mission, calls for an Arab-Turkish joint force to topple the Syrian regime

Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri called Wednesday to establish an Arab-Turkish joint force to get rid of the Syrian regime, expressing concerns about the atrocities committed by the regime against its own people which should be stopped immediately, saying his not at ease with the mission of the Arab observers.

Hariri said on the social network Twitter that the Syrian crisis will not have any repercussions on Lebanon.

Hariri condemned the killing of 3 Lebanese in Akkara and said “it is outrageous. We condemn the total lack of responsibility of the government towards protecting its citizen.”

He added “it shows how much this government is entrenched with the Syrian regime. How more shameful can this get?”

Hariri tried to encourage a citizen claiming that his voice is hopeless “you’re not helpless you’re powerful with your voice with your opinion. Those who use weapons against people are the weak.”

The former Prime Minister stressed on his right to express his thought and refused to compromise on this right of free speech.

He said “I will speak my mind, and I won't compromise on this being a leader or an ex PM is the last thing on my mind.”

Hariri regretted the declaration of President Michel Sleiman during the Council of Ministers session when he suggested that year 2011 was successful saying “it’s regrettable”.

About the shooting in Tripoli Hariri said “I stress on the arms in the hands of the legitimate forces”.

As for the voices being capable of toppling regimes, Hariri said “our voice in 2005 kicked out the Shabiha of Assad” in reference to the Cedar Revolution following the assassination of Martyr PM Rafic Hariri and the Syrian Forces withdrawal that followed.

Hariri criticized Hizbullah for being silent regarding the killing of the three Lebanese citizens and said “Hizbullah is absent, busy with the false witnesses”.

On whether the Syrian regime is cooperating with the observers he said “the Arab League has a tough job. Let’s hope they (the observers) tell the truth.”

About the Iranian threat to close the Hermuz straight he commented “as if they could or would.”

Hariri did not hide his skepticism about the Arab observers’ mission in Syria and said “ Honestly I am not at ease (with their mission)”.

Hariri reaffirmed that he will have a TV appearance in due time.

Asked whether the three martyrs were trying to smuggle weapons to Syria, Hariri confirmed” they had no weapons they are from one family and they were killed cold blooded”.

When asked whether he doesn’t see that all his demands go along side with Israel? He said “no I don’t. Syrians seeking their freedom is not an Israeli demand the Israeli demand is for the regime to stay in Syria.”

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