To overcome ISIS, first deal with Assad in Syria..By Heshmat Alavi

2015 has been described as a very difficult year for the Middle East, with the region engulfed with bloodbaths throughout Syria, Iraq and Yemen. The world witnessed ISIS and their Dark Age-style rule gain strength

Mysterious monster snake photographed at Nerang National Park

A SNEAKY serpent is lurking in the Nerang National Park but mystery surrounds just how big it really is and whether it presents any danger

2016 Year of Unity and Victory over Islamic Extremism..BY Keyvan Salami

Christmas this year has coincided with the birthday of prophet Mohammad of Islam (by lunar calendar).  The two great prophets God granted man to lead him towards peace and prosperity.

Why Iran fears the coalition of the Islamic countries? By Keyvan Salami

War against terrorism has some different features from any war that may happen between two armies or states. A most evident one is that the two conflicting armies have their ranks and identities. Nonetheless terrorists

Syria is vital for Iran, despite heavy losses .. BY Heshmat Aalavi

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards chief Mohammad Ali Jafari made it crystal clear in remarks made on November 17th that Damascus would have fallen long ago were it not for Iran’s meddling in Syri

United Nations’ General Assembly Acted against “God’s Will”!..By: Heshmat Alavi

The 70th session of the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution, Thursday November 19, 2015, condemning flagrant and systematic violations of human rights in Iran by the clerical regime

Iran cannot be trusted in the fight against terrorism..By: Keyvan Salami

Despite the fact that Iran joined others in condemning the recent ISIS attack in Paris on November 13th that left 130 dead and scores wounded, such terror attacks provide Tehran an irresistible opportunity, diplomatically

Iran engulfing Middle East in flames following nuclear deal.. By: Keyvan Salami

As many advocates of the nuclear deal claimed Iran would become a very constructive and cooperative party after signing the “historic” and “landmark” nuclear accord back in July

By: Heshmat Alavi..Iran continuing its dangerous meddling in Bahrain

Iran has been suffering major blows as Bahrain authorities have been foiling plots prepared by Tehran to have its proxies carry out terror attacks in this very important Persian Gulf country hosting the US Navy’s 5th Fleet

Keyvan Salami: It is 8 consecutive days that Iraqi forces bar food, fuel, medicine into camp

Iraqi forces prevented food, fuel and other residents’ basic necessities from getting into Camp Liberty

Maryam Rajavi: Iraqi government and the UN must account for the attack on Camp Liberty

US Secretary of State John Kerry released a statement condemning the recent missile attack on Camp Liberty on the outskirt of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad. 80 fatal rockets were launched at camp On Thursday October 29th

Iran provokes the war in Syria desperately By: Heshmat Alavi

mullah proxiesThe death of Iran’s most senior military commander, General Hamedani , head of Iran Revolutionary Guard forces in Syria, shows how Tehran’s bubble-like expansion has burst and ended not only in Iraq and

Iraq: people’s rally will place Nouri al-Maliki before justice By: Keyvan Salami

Ever since the 2003 occupation of Iraq, and during the entire period that the United States had a widespread, official and active military presence in this country

The Rally against Rohani bluffs in NY..Keyvan Salami

The Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon criticized Iran for violations of human rights in his report to the 70th session of the UN General Assembly.

Goulburn prison escapee Beau Wiles arrested after highway patrol stops vehicle

A man who escaped from a work area outside the minimum security section of Goulburn Correctional Centre in New South Wales has been arrested

Rouhani souvenirs for UN: decades of deadly meddling in the Middle East

Hassan Rouhani, the president selected by the supreme leader in Iran, is once again in New York to take part in this year’s United Nations General Assembly marking the 70th anniversary of this world body

Solution to Syria crisis: Iran eviction

'With more than 442,440 refugees and migrants having arrived via the Mediterranean so far this year, some 2,921 deaths, and 4,000 people arriving on the Greek islands daily

Executions in Iran: Tool used to maintain theocracy on the throne..BYHeshmat Alavi

Iran is becoming more and more defiant each day in hanging men and women,

especially the youth, before the eyes of the entire world. The question is

Modern Iran History Speaks Out By: Heshmat Alavi

July and August 1988 will never be forgotten in the history of Iranian prisoners under Khomeini’s regime. From late July of that year Khomeini launched one of the most atrocious inhumane crimes: the horrific massacre of 30,000 political prisoners