Threat to privacy in e-Health records

PATIENTS who want to keep private a visit to a psychiatrist, the use of a mental health medicine or an abortion under the new e-Health online system

Speaking properly school for rail staff

IT'S the bugbear of almost every rail passenger - the announcement over the station loudspeaker from the train guards and station staff you just can't understand

Greens spent force says gloating Labor

THE future of the Greens as a political force has been dealt a major blow after their candidate failed to make a dent in the Labor vote in the by-election for the southeast Sydney

Four die as car bursts into flames

FOUR people are dead after a car struck a tree and burst into flames in south-western NSW

Greens want royal commission into Securency

THE Australian Greens will move for a royal commission into whether the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) covered up evidence of bribery by its note-printing subsidiaries

Stations bringing honesty on petrol

prices on their fuel boards and will be required to show all petrol prices - not just the cheaper E-10 - from next month

Gas cylinders on fire at service station in Liverpool

ABOUT six to seven 200kg LPG gas cylinders have caught on fire sparking major damage before a KFC restaurant and Aldi supermarket were evacuated

Railcorp payroll contract derailed

 A $16 million contract to modernise Railcorp's payroll system has been abandoned just a month after being given the green light

Refugees are facing a long wait

ASYLUM seekers could spend years in island detention, with Prime Minister Julia Gillard saying long waits are what will stop the boats

Sydney schools on disease alert

The health scare involving 40 cases concentrated in the Campbelltown area

Energy bill - confusion is your enemy

SURGING energy bills might be difficult to pay - but they are also hard to understand and compare

Motorists warned to brace for more petrol pain at the bowser

MOTORISTS should budget for even higher petrol prices over the next couple of weeks as regional prices continue to rise

Cashless Medicare hits homes

Changes to Medicare health payment system will stop cash rebates, require 14-year-olds to sign refund consent forms

Wild winds wreck Sydney homes

A WILD weekend of weather ripped off roofs, left thousands of homes without power and fuelled a "running grass fire"

Street racers cop wrath of fed-up locals

IT'S the fightback against the fast and the furious.
Residents fed up with car hoons treating their streets like a drag strip are helping police to smash the racing gangs

NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell's rip-off a $1 billion broken power promise

BARRY O'Farrell's government will squeeze $1 billion from the state's battered electricity consumers despite promising to do everything possible to keep down bills


Malek Fahd School disagrees with the finding made by the NSW Minister for

Education Mr Andrew Piccoli that the School is operating for profit

Malek Fahd Islamic School in Greenacre must repay $9 million

AN Islamic school in Sydney's southwest has been ordered to pay back $9 million in public funds after it was found to be operating for profit

Nurse faces more charges over fire

A MALE nurse accused of setting a fire that killed 11 residents at a nursing home in northwest Sydney is facing nine more charges over the incident

Police find 33 tonnes of fake white OMO washing powder

A MASSIVE quantity of counterfeit washing powder has been found in Sydney's south-west today