Smiling Prince William and Kate have landed at Brisbane for fuel-stop

PRINCE William and his wife Kate have landed in Brisbane for a brief stopover on their return from their South Pacific tour

On your bike... Motorbike riders may be allowed to ride in gap between cars

LANE splitting, in which of motorcyclists ride down the gap between lines of stalled traffic, could be legalised and even encouraged to help reduce congestion

Australia Arab Chamber speaks out against Sydney protests

Australia Arab Chamber speaks out against Sydney protests
The Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Scanners to track nightclub violence in Kings Cross

ID SCANNERS will be installed in every pub, club and strip joint in Kings Cross to rid the area of violent troublemakers

Alcohol hurt hits millions

MORE than four million people know children who are not being cared for as a result of alcohol abuse

Teen shot in bungled robbery was unarmed, inquest hears

A TEENAGER shot dead during a bungled armed robbery nearly two years ago was unarmed when police gunned him down

Search for source of texts after anti-Islamic film protest in Sydney CBD

POLICE are hunting for the owner of a computer used to send out a text message that sparked Saturday's Muslim riots in the CBD.

Two more asylum boats intercepted near Christmas Island

AUTHORITIES have intercepted two boatloads of suspected asylum seekers overnight

Train operator's view of tracks under spotlight

CONFUSION remains over why a Brisbane train coming along a straight track in daylight smashed into a truck, leaving a man in hospital


Muslims Australia condemns and deplores the unruly demonstrations
and violent acts purporting to be in support of our beloved prophet Mu-
hammad, peace and blessings upon him

Bills biting the budget for many Aussie families

SPENDING for the average Australian household has broken through the $100,000 a year mark

Pressure on banks over online errors

FAT-FINGERED Australians are losing tens of thousands of dollars from their bank accounts because they are making typos and other simple errors during internet transactions

Pope Says Arab Spring 'Positive,' Urges Syria Arms Import Stop

Arms imports must stop once and for all, because without arms imports, war cannot continue

Police gas Sydney protesters

The riot squad and mounted police have pushed demonstrators from Sydney's Hyde Park after a protest swept through the CBD this afternoon

Asylum seeker cash-in aborted

Families are paid $130 a week to house asylum seekers under the program introduced by the government in May to alleviate pressure on detention centres

School funding cuts are a hard knock for students

PARENTS already struggling with the rising cost of living now face increased school fees after the state government yesterday slashed education funding by almost $2 billion

Tax forces councils to break law - caught in the trap on carbon

NSW councils could face fines of more than $1 million or jail terms for not meeting carbon tax

How about this for a drive-thru?

A DRIVER has taken the meaning of drive through literally today, slamming his car through the front of a shop

DNA, Telecom Data and Witness Testimony Prove al-Sayyed Involved in Samaha Plot

The incriminating evidence that former General Security chief Jamil al-Sayyed accompanied ex-Minister Michel Samaha when he transported explosives from Syria to Lebanon last month was a DNA sample

Shock as boy, 8, dies in school bus tragedy

ONE of two children who remains in a critical condition in hospital after yesterday's horror bus crash in the Hunter Valley