Dead whale stuck on cruise ship

The Princess Cruise Lines' Sapphire Princess was docked at the Canada Place terminal on Saturday with the whale still stuck to it

Body of Benjamin Ranaudo returns to Australia

THE family of a Melbourne soldier killed in Afghanistan have gathered at Avalon Airport to collect his body

No funds for poor schools

PRIVATE schools will receive as much as $2 million each in federal funding to improve their academic results, but some of the state's neediest public schools will miss out

Man kidnapped twice in one week

THREE people will face Sydney courts today after a man was kidnapped and held captive twice in a week

Stolen goods seized

A CACHE of stolen goods being sold on internet auction sites has been seized by police during two raids

What our MPs did on 'study' tour

FEDERAL MPs have published an extensive collection of valuable insights into the world, gleaned from taxpayer-funded overseas study tours.

Libs ponder 'Two Tonys' option

THE Liberal Party is considering a "Two Tonys ticket" - Tony Abbott with Tony Smith as deputy - if Malcolm Turnbull fails to recover from his savaging in the opinion polls.

First elephant calf born in Australia

SYDNEY'S Taronga Zoo has welcomed the first elephant calf to be born in Australia.

Aussie actors may go on strike

AUSTRALIAN actors are considering strike action on all offshore commercials after receiving notice that a union agreement will be terminated next month

Cost of childcare set to increase with higher ratios

THE cost of childcare is expected to increase if recommendations being considered by the federal Government are adopted

إكتشاف بقايا 3 ديناصورات في أستراليا

أعلنت رئيسة وزراء ولاية كويزنلاند الأسترالية آنا بلاي اكتشاف ثلاثة انواع جديدة من الديناصورات الاسترالية في مستنقع متيبس يعود الى حقبة ما قبل التاريخ

منازل ريفية للإيجار بدولار واحد للأسبوع في أستراليا

لجأت بلدة صغيرة في أستراليا إلى فكرة مبتكرة تهدف إلى إجتذاب المواطنين للبلدة النائية حيث عرضت منازل ريفية للإيجار مقابل مبلغ رمزي قدره دولار واحد في الأسبوع

Joe McDonald among union officials facing court

THE building industry watchdog has taken fresh legal action against construction union officials, including Joe McDonald, accusing them of provoking strikes.

Sydney teen raped in broad daylight at Leichhardt

POLICE are urging vigilance following the alleged rape of a 14-year-old girl in an horrific daylight attack in Sydney's inner west this week

One dead in helicopter crash at Cooloongatta airport

THE elderly pilot of a helicopter has died after crashing into bushland at Coolangatta Airport on the Gold Coast this morning

Sydney couple in Blacktown pharmacy robbed at gunpoint

POLICE are searching for a man who robbed a pharmacy in at gun point in Sydney's west yesterday afternoon

Cops crush $6m credit card racket

POLICE say they have cracked a $6 million credit card fraud racket after raiding 11 homes in Sydney and Victoria

You pay $30 million to go nowhere

THE NSW Government is ploughing on with another billion-dollar rail project it can't afford

العثور على طالبة صينية مقتولة فى استراليا

عثر على جثة طالبة صينية فى نهر  بولاية تاسمانيا اليوم (الثلاثاء) بعد ان ابلغ عن فقدها يوم الخميس  الماضى

Major crime probe after Tasmania sleepover death

THE mystery death of a four-year-old Tasmanian boy has been declared a major crime investigation