Search for missing man finds body

POLICE searching for an elderly man who went missing from the Blue Mountains on the weekend have found a body in a creek.

Extended trading hour Bill goes to Parliament

PREMIER Colin Barnett has introduced the Liberal Party's controversial 9pm weeknight shopping Bill to Parliament.

Engine malfunction grounded Airbus A330

ENGINE malfunction forced a Jetstar plane into an emergency landing in Indonesia in 2007, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau has found

Frankston man 'holding police at bay

A SIEGE is underway in Frankston North with a possibly armed man holding police at bay in a suburban street.

Shots fired in Macca's siege

HEAVILY armed police are surrounding a McDonald's restaurant after an armed gunman stormed the building at breakfast-time today.

حادثتا اعتداء على سبعة طلاب سعوديين في أستراليا خلال أسبوع واحد

العسيري: اتخاذ الإجراءات اللازمة التي تحفظ حقوق الطلبة وتعيين محام لمتابعة القضية

Islamic school divides western Sydney suburb

RAPTUROUS applause and angry boos of derision greeted a decision by Liverpool Council to approve the development of a controversial new Islamic school in Hoxton Park last night.

نجاة طفلين من تمساح التهم كلبهما في أحد شواطئ استراليا

نجح تلميذان يلعبان على ضفة نهر في الساحل الغربي الاسترالي في الهروب عندما التهم تمساح يبلغ طوله 3.5 مترا كلبهما (10 أعوام) الأسود من نوع لابرادور بدلا منهما.

مصر تمنع وفدًا استراليًا إسلاميًا رفيع المستوى من الوصول إلى رفح

منعت أجهزة الأمن المصرية واحدًا من أرفع الوفود الإسلامية العالمية باستراليا ويضم 7 أفراد من الوصول إلى رفح لمتابعة مصير المعونات الطبية والغذائية التي سبق إرسالها لقطاع غزة لجمعية الوفاء الخيرية بالقطاع

Sacked minister Tony Stewart wins first legal victory

SACKED minister Tony Stewart has today won the right to have his lawsuit against the State Government heard quickly

Gunman on loose after fatal shooting

A GUNMAN is on the loose after a man was shot several times in the head in Melbourne this afternoon.

Airport lane change forces motorists into carpark

The $14-an-hour parking charges compares with $4 in Adelaide, $8.45 at New York's Kennedy Airport and $8.50 at London's Heathrow

Miss Universe Australia Rachael Finch could lose her crown

MISS Universe Australia Rachael Finch could be stripped of her title after details of her spat with the pageant's national director have become public

أستراليا ستتقدم بعرض لاستضافة كأس العالم

أكدت أستراليا اليوم الأحد أنها تسعى بجدية لاستضافة بطولة كأس العالم عام 2018 أو 2022 وذلك خلال جلسة برلمانية حضرها شخصيات رفيعة في البلاد

Men of colours stand united in face of bikie bill

THE public relations war between the bikies and the Government has begun in earnest.

Robbed of $50, then bashed for the hell of it

THIS is the battered and bruised face of violence in Sydney today. The 72-year-old Epping pensioner, too terrified to release his name, was robbed of $50 and then kicked and beaten by two youths.

Pig flu shuts down elite school

A PRIVATE girls school in Queensland has been closed to stop the spread of swine flu.

Muslims get interest-free loans

ONE of Australia's major banks is planning to introduce "Muslim-friendly" loans that do not charge interest, to comply with Sharia law

Elijah Holcombe police shooting witness bombshell

WITNESSES to the fatal police shooting of a young man have contradicted claims the officer had no choice but to shoot him

Boy in hospital after Springvale stabbing

A TEENAGER is in hospital with serious injuries after being stabbed several times in a fight last night.