Police begin fine-free period on Monday

FROM Monday NSW Police will refuse to issue on-the-spot fines in an attempt to hit the state government in the hip pocket over a stalled pay claim.

Train sex attack on pregnant woman

POLICE have arrested a 29-year-old man over a sexual assault on a pregnant woman on a packed train after fellow passngers idenitified him after seeing CCTV

Government won't budge on civil unions

Gay rights advocates lost a backroom battle at the ALP National Conference to advance the recognition of same-sex couples

استراليا تسحب قواتها المتبقية من العراق

 استكملت استراليا رسمياً من إنهاء وجودها العسكري الذي امتد ست سنوات في العراق قبل ثلاثة أيام من المهلة النهائية للانسحاب

انشاء أكبر محطة تحلية مياه فى استراليا

ستنتج المحطة، التى سيتم بناؤها بالقرب من وانتهاجى، فى الساحل الجنوبى الشرقى، 150 مليار لتر من المياه فى العام الواحد

Teen car-jacked by "buyer" at gunpoint

A TEEN trying to sell his car was held at gunpoint by two prospective buyers on a test drive before being threatened and booted out onto the road

Rudd pledges 50,000 "green jobs"

KEVIN Rudd today pledged training for 50,000 "green" jobs as he set the employment theme for the ALP national conference

House prices start to take off

SYDNEY house prices posted their first quarter of growth in the three months to June since the global financial crisis struck in late 2007, figures show

Rudd’s smokescreen hides his health system failures

This week Mr Rudd announced his – or rather the National Health Reform Commission’s – vision for health policy

Sydney-based probationary policeman charged with drink driving

A PROBATIONARY constable has been charged with drink driving after he allegedly ran a red light, sparking a police pursuit in Sydney

هل يتحول اللقاح من الحقن إلى الأكل؟

 أعلن باحث أسترالي فاز بجائزة نوبل للعلوم لاكتشافه البكتيريا المسؤولة عن قرحة المعدة أنه يجري دراسات لتصنيع لقاح صالح للأكل

طيران الامارات توقع اتفاقية مع الناقلة الاسترالية

وقعت طيران الإمارات اتفاقية مع الناقلة الأسترالية " فيرجن بلو " لتوفير الفرصة لركابها للسفر بتكاليف معقولة إلى مختلف مناطق أستراليا

Bodies of tourists found in submerged car

THE bodies of a Korean man and woman have been found in a car submerged in an irrigation channel nearly a week after the pair went missing

Four swine flu patients die

FOUR more people with swine flu have died in New South Wales, bringing the state's toll to 21, health authorities say

No to gay marriage

PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd said his government welcomes debate on gay marriage but won't support it

Major banks reviewing their overdrawn charges

AUSTRALIA'S major banks are reviewing their charges on overdrawn accounts in a bid to stay competitive after NAB abolished its fee

Girl approached and grabbed on Sydney street, say police

A TEENAGE girl has wrenched herself free from a man driving a van who grabbed her in a suburban Sydney street, police say

Woman arrested twice in 24 hours for pestering Triple-0 for DVD repairs

The 47-year-old woman first dialled the emergency service line about 9pm on Friday seeking police assistance to fix her DVD player at her home in Lalor Park

Teenage boys arrested over fatal shooting of truckie Bob knight at Milperra

TWO teenage boys have been arrested and charged today following ongoing investigations into the fatal shooting of a truck driver in Sydney's west

شرطة المرور تقرر الإضراب عن إصدار مخالفات... في أستراليا!  

قررت شرطة ولاية «نيوساوث ويلز» الأسترالية الدخول في إضراب مفتوح عن إصدار مخالفات جراء خلاف «متسارع» مع حكومة الولاية بشأن زيادة الرواتب