Councils' U-turn ends parking meter greed

MOTORISTS who have been gouged for millions of dollars in parking fees and fines will finally get a break, with some of the greediest councils now considering free car parks, meter-free days and reining in their rangers

Hotline aims to get guns

A NEW national campaign targeting gun-toting criminals will be launched encouraging people to phone-in anonymous tip-offs about illegal guns

Fast car ban to nobble crooks

SUSPECTED criminals may lose the right to drive luxury cars and use mobile phones under a bid for new powers by the NSW Crime Commission

Sydney's councils should be amalgamated, report finds

 SYDNEY'S councils should be amalgamated, an independent sweeping review of NSW local government has found

SW police power wins over revheads

IT has a supercharged engine but this ultra-powerful highway patrol car will spend most of its time attracting revheads instead of chasing them

NSW fighting for a free press

 NSW will block the Gillard government's attempts to gag the media if it pushes ahead with a plan to strip newspapers of privacy protections

Your credit card's new worst enemy

HIGHLY sophisticated bankcard skimming devices have been found attached to ATMs in Brisbane's Queen St Mall, for the first time in Australia

Girl, 17, dead after falling from balcony in Surfers Paradise

A 17-year-old girl has fallen to her death from the balcony of a Surfers Paradise hotel tonight

'Digital divide' fears on school laptops

PARENTS face paying about $1500 for computers and software for their kids - or risk them being on the wrong side of the "digital divide''

Furniture factory fire causes chaos in Marrickville

A FURNITURE factory has been destroyed by a fire that left eight people suffering from smoke inhalation

Growing anger over energy bills

COMPLAINTS to the energy ombudsman have spiked by a record 43 per cent as consumers struggle to meet rising power bills

That vitamin pill? It may not work

AUSTRALIANS are unaware they may be wasting money and risking their health by popping a daily vitamin pill or using other complementary medicines

Balmain Leagues Club plans sent to ICAC

 OPPONENTS of the former Balmain Leagues Club site redevelopment last night voted for ICAC to examine the controversial proposal's connections to Eddie Obeid

Police alert on predators - how to keep your children safe

POLICE are warning parents to be extra vigilant for "predators" both on the street and online after a spate of attempted child abductions and assaults

Warning over button batteries and kids

WHEN Dr Simon Craig saw the severe damage a bright, shiny button-sized battery did to a child unlucky enough to have swallowed it, he was surprised

Tanker drivers stole petrol and sold it for 50c a litre in $1 million scam

TANKER drivers siphoned off petrol destined for Sydney Caltex Woolworths service stations and sold it for 50c a litre

Cost of living bites into home deposit

ONE in four aspiring homeowners say they can't save enough money for a deposit - and the rising costs of living are making it tougher

Families' financial pain to pay rising medical bills

 One patient told a Health Consumers NSW study she was forced to sell her home when she fell ill and others could not afford to see their doctor or take their medicines

Flash flooding warning lifted for northeast NSW

A SEVERE thunderstorm warning has been lifted for parts of northeast NSW although there's a chance bad weather could surface later in the day

Murder suspect too fast for cops

THE prime suspect in the murder of a Sydney man left Australia on a flight overseas within 48 hours of the incident