Dangerous 'toy' lighters banned in WA

 FIRE DANGER: WA shops which stock lighters deemed to be appealing to kids under-five will be made to remove them from shelves today

Inquiry throws out McGurk claims

CLAIMS that murdered Sydney standover man Michael McGurk had evidence which could bring down a government "deserve to be described as nonsense," a corruption hearing has found

'Terror' arrest: police warned

AUSTRALIAN Federal Police officers were warned by a judge they could face criminal charges over their arrest of a Tamil man at gunpoint on terrorism charges

Doctor charged with drug deaths

A SYDNEY doctor will face court tomorrow charged with murder and manslaughter over the deaths of two young women found in his luxury apartment

Indian envoy attacks Victoria over violence

INDIA'S top envoy to Australia has delivered a stinging complaint to Governor-General Quentin Bryce over attacks on Indians in Melbourne, labelling Victoria a state ''in denial'' over the severity of the problem

Darwin bomb attack: Seven hurt as man hurls device into office

 SEVEN people are in hospital after a man wheeled a trolley loaded with explosive material into an office in Darwin's CBD

RBA shock: Interest rates unchanged

THE Reserve Bank has left the official interest rate unchanged, defying financial market expectations of a 25 basis point hike

Millions of trees to sway Australian voters

PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd is facing his strongest challenge since the 2007 election after Tony Abbott produced a climate change policy backed by a united Liberal Party

Tony Abbott keeps pulling back Labor's lead: Newspoll

TONY Abbott's opposition to the Rudd government's emissions trading scheme appears to have lifted the Coalition to its best position since the 2007 election loss, and Kevin Rudd's personal support is at its lowest since he became Prime Minister

Rockhampton firefighters rescue three from floodwaters

ROCKHAMPTON firefighters have put their lives on the line to rescue three people from rapidly rising and fast-flowing floodwaters near the city

Arabs to block Canberra's UN push

KEVIN Rudd's bid for a UN Security Council seat has been dealt a severe blow after a warning from the Arab League that it is less likely to succeed because of Australia's support for Israel

Public transport fares fall into line

HUNDREDS of thousands of Sydney bus and train commuters will pay less to travel to work after a pre-election overhaul of the state's transport fares

ETS sums way out of date

KEVIN Rudd's promise that low-income families won't be out of pocket under the Emissions Trading Scheme is in doubt because the Government has very little idea how they actually live

Doctors to find savings for patients John Rolfe Public Defender

AUSTRALIA's doctors and health insurers have proposed a formal "mechanism" which would compel them

John Howard interviewed for ICC position

FORMER Australian prime minister John Howard has officially been interviewed for the role of ICC vice-president

Cigarette and booze price hike on Monday

BEER and cigarette taxes are quietly going up on Monday in a tax grab that will reap the Federal Government millions of dollars

Energy drinks' heart risk

JUST one energy drink can cause "serious heart conditions", a world-first South Australian study has found

NSW gambling's record lotteries profits

NSW residents tried to gamble their way out of the global financial crisis, producing record profits for the soon-to-be-privatised NSW Lotteries

Cost of water plant to hit $1.6b, say Greens

THE Kurnell desalination plant will cost Sydney's households an estimated $1.6 billion over the next decade, on top of the $2 billion it cost to build

Mental health bill hits $1.5b

MEASURES to contain the runaway cost of Medicare-funded psychological treatment have failed, costs spiralling 26 per cent last year, according to new analysis