Man accused of attacking pregnant woman in Parramatta refuses legal advice, to plead guilty

A man accused of assaulting a pregnant woman in western Sydney has repeatedly refused legal representation in court and told a magistrate he wants to plead guilty

Sydney set for more bushfire air pollution

The "longest period" of air pollution on record for NSW is set to continue with severe bushfire conditions across large chunks of the state

Man arrested after woman sexually assaulted jogging in Melbourne park

A 25-year-old man has been arrested after a woman was allegedly sexually assaulted while jogging in a park in Melbourne's north

Man guilty of murdering his housemate in Sydney's west

A man has pleaded guilty to murdering his housemate in Sydney's west last year

'What sort of democracy is that?': Government under fire over 'secret' medevac deal with Lambie

Labor and the Greens have accused crossbench senator Jacqui Lambie and the Government of striking a secret deal to end the medevac laws that allow refugees to come to Australia for medical treatment

NSW bushfires continue path across state, with more homes at risk, smoke danger

Fierce bushfires continue to encroach on homes in NSW, as thick smoke blankets Sydney for the fourth day in a row

Energy market operator warns 1.3 million households could lose power this summer

Extreme weather forecast for summer will reduce the reliability of power supply across Australia in the coming months, with ageing coal plants becoming less reliable, the energy market operator has warned

EpiPen shortage forces parents to use expired, contaminated drugs to treat children

Australia faces a critical shortage of child-sized EpiPens, the life-saving devices used to treat people undergoing a severe allergic reaction, prompting the Government to greenlight drugs that have failed quality standards

Tony Abbott's George Pell prison visit 'absolutely shameful' Former PM seen leaving Melbourne jail

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has described Tony Abbott's apparent visit to see convicted child sex offender Cardinal George Pell in prison as "absolutely shameful"

NSW bushfires threatening properties as hot, windy conditions stoke flames

More than 100 fires are burning across NSW tonight, with warm and windy conditions seeing one blaze west of Gosford escalate, as an emergency situation continues at the Currowan fire on the South Coast

Sydney smoke three times worse this NSW bushfire season, but health effects from 'medium-term' exposure unclear

Waking up to a city full of smoke. It's the new norm in Sydney
The spate of bushfires burning across NSW has given people in the Harbour City a taste of what it's like to live in a smog-choked megacity.

Townsville man who bludgeoned woman in drunken robbery found guilty of murder

A man who bludgeoned a Townsville grandmother with a piece of wood and left her to drown in her own blood has been found guilty of murder

Man accused of Balmain case worker murder denied bail

A man accused of murdering his mental health case worker will remain behind bars until after Christmas

Grandmother dumps burnt remains of home at Parliament House in climate change protest

A woman has brought the charred remains of her bushfire-ravaged home to Parliament House in Canberra, accusing both major political parties of failing to act on climate change

NSW Police asked 15yo to expose himself as part of festival strip search, inquiry hears

Police directed a 15-year-old to expose his genitals and officers illegally strip searched at least 25 children at a Sydney music festival this year, an inquiry has heard

NSW bushfire emergency worsened by winds as out-of-control Currowan blaze burns towards homes

A bushfire burning out of control on the New South Wales South Coast has closed sections of the Princes Highway, shutting off escape routes for some nearby coastal communities

Five people killed in car crash in Northern Territory's Kakadu National Park

Five people have been killed in a car crash in Kakadu National Park

The crash happened about 60 kilometres west of Jabiru on the Arnhem Highway in the Northern Territory

Australian doctors admit they give patients 'active placebos' — real drugs that won't help

When going to the GP, most people expect to leave with medication to fix an illness — or at least a treatment plan to tackle it

Strong winds fan emergency NSW fires

Emergency bushfire warnings have been issued for blazes in NSW's Shoalhaven and Upper Hunter regions as the Rural Fire Service prepares for worse to come as summer officially begins

Thousands still without power in Sydney as red tape hits repair efforts

Thousands of homes remain without power several days after cyclone-like storms hit Sydney