Hugo Chavez Dies after Losing Battle with Cancer

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez lost his battle with cancer Tuesday, silencing the leading voice of the Latin American left and plunging his divided oil-rich nation into an uncertain future

Syrian Observatory: Rebels Capture Governor of Raqa Province

Syrian rebels fighting President Bashar Assad's forces captured the governor of the northern province of Raqa after overrunning the provincial capital

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II in Hospital with Gastroenteritis

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, suffering from gastroenteritis, was admitted to hospital on Sunday, a Buckingham Palace spokesman told Agence France Presse

Syria Rebel Chief Says Fall of Assad Prerequisite to Talks

President Bashar Assad must fall, "all the killing" must end and the Syrian army must withdraw from all cities before any dialogue can begin with the regime

Suleiman Urges 'Syrian Side' to Stop Shelling Lebanon after Death of 2 Lebanese

President Michel Suleiman on Sunday urged the “Syrian side” to refrain from opening fire and shelling Lebanon after two Lebanese were killed on the northern border with Syria

Al-Asir Accuses Hizbullah of Renting Apartments to Monitor His Movements

“So far, we know of two apartments that are located around and near the mosque, of which the gunmen came out and threatened the neighbors with their weapons

EU Amends Syria Sanctions to Boost Protection of Civilians

The European Union on Monday renewed sanctions against Syria while amending them to enable nations to provide more "non-lethal" and technical support to help protect civilians

Pope Intends to Resign on Feb 28

Pope Benedict XVI announced Monday he will resign on February 28 because his age prevented him from carrying out his duties

Champ Muhammad Ali 'near death'

BOXING legend Muhammad Ali is so ill he could be dead within days, his devastated brother has warned

Israel strikes Syria, no response by Assad’s army

 TV reported today citing the army’s general command. Regional reports said that Israel carried out airstrikes on a Syrian military convoy near the border with Lebanon

As the regime army failed to repel the Israeli airstrikes, it continued to bombard residential neighbourhoods in the rebels-held areas inside Syria, shelling as many as 374 locations across the country

Horrific Massacre in Aleppo

The bodies of at least 101 young men and boys were pulled out from the Quweiq River in the rebels-held neighborhood of Bustan al-Qasr in Aleppo city

Two more conferences on Syria, more promises given to the Syrian people

 Syrian National Coalition urged the international community to replace promise with actions and fulfill its promises and obligations towards the Syrian opposition

More than 129 killed today and Russia continues to arm the regime

Russia still supplies weapons to Syria based on legal contracts signed between the two countries long time ago, Syria's Deputy Prime Minister, Qadri Jamil said

Clashes renewed in Damascus, Rebels shoot down a helicopter gunship

 Rebel fighters launched a series of successful attacks on regime forces throughout the country, mainly in Damascus and its Suburbs and Daraa in the south

New massacres in Aleppo, SNC appeals for Homs

Syrian regime forces continued their indiscriminate attacks on civilian areas across the country, using cluster, phosphorus, therbombaric and explosive bombs as well as the long-range surface-to-surface missiles

143 people, including 18 children and 14 women dead


450 soldiers defect, Regime kills 156 people

At least 450 soldiers defected from Assad's army in the suburb of Damascus today, marking the biggest military defection in the 22-month uprising

More than 69 regime soldiers killed, Russia evacuates its citizens

At least 30 pro-regime militiamen were killed and dozens more were injured in a suicide car bomb attack that targeted the headquarters

The Russian planes will fly to Beirut on Tuesday to carry more than 100 Russians from Syria

Syrian regime forms Iranian-led National Defense Army

The Assad regime is forming an Iranian-led militia of 10,000 Syrian Alawite and Shia fighters, injected with Iraqi and Iranian experts and fighters

Airstrikes intensify as regime forces prepare for decisive battle in Daraya


 At least 166 people dead today, with regime forces and militias killing at least 136 people, including 16 children and 11 women. Fighting also erupted in various areas across the country leaving at least 36 rebel fighters, 11 Kurdish militiamen and 30 regime soldiers dead

Massacres continue in Damascus and Aleppo, Rebels say all Iranians must leave Syria

The Chief-of-Staff of the Joint Military Command of the rebel Free Syrian Army, Salim Idris, issued a statement, demanding “all Iranian citizens in Syria should leave the country within 24 hours