Truckie trapped after smash with street sweeper on James Ruse Dr, North Parramatta

A PROVISIONAL truck driver was trapped for about two hours and is feared to have spinal injuries following a crash in western Sydney

U.N. Urges Respect for Syria Truce as Observers Visit Homs Neighborhood

U.N. observers said on Sunday that it was "extremely important" that all sides respect a promised ceasefire in Syria as a veteran peacekeeper flew in to take command

Just another girls' fright out

Four women were hurt in separate incidents in another violent weekend in Sydney, with hospital workers saying they are seeing a marked rise in female assault victims

Suleiman Hails Army as Questions Rise over UNIFIL’s Failure to Intercept Ship Smuggling Arms to Syria

President Michel Suleiman hailed on Saturday the interception of a ship suspected of delivering weapons to Syria as the Lebanese army issued a statement confirming the incident

Saudi Recalls Ambassador to Egypt in Lawyer Row

Saudi Arabia has decided to recall its ambassador to Cairo and close diplomatic missions in Egypt after protests outside its embassy over an arrested Egyptian, state news agency SPA said on Saturday

Scrapping rent grant 'may hurt the poor'

SOME of the state's poorest renters could be put under further financial strain by an O'Farrell government decision to cut a key rental assistance grant next week, housing advocates warn

Families don't half need big rate cut

Mortgage holders will save hundreds of dollars a year on their repayments when the Reserve Bank cuts interest rates by at least 0.25 percentage points on Tuesday

Family may lose home in body search

THE Merrylands house at the centre of a dig for bones will be demolished if remains found prove to be human

Feltman in Lebanon Next Week

Assistant U.S. Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffery Feltman is expected to arrive in Lebanon next week where he is scheduled to hold talks with a number of officials

Tony Abbott to reintroduce protection visas for asylum seekers

TONY Abbott has pledged that if elected prime minister he would call a double dissolution election if the parliament blocks a move to reintroduce temporary protection visas for asylum seekers

Mysterious message about missing girl Rahma El-Dennaoui

A RELIGIOUS teacher in a small Lebanese village might have predicted the abduction of toddler Rahma El-Dennaoui a day before she vanished from her bedroom, a coroner was told yesterday

Blasts Shake Damascus’ Maidan Neighborhood and Industrial Zone, 9 Killed

A suicide bomb attack in the central Damascus district of Maidan killed at least nine people and wounded another 20 on Friday, Syrian state television reported, blaming "terrorists”

Inquest told of cafe talk that father killed toddler Rahma El-Dennaoui

AFTER seven years and numerous theories, the most explosive claim about the disappearance of Rahma El-Dennaoui was detailed in court yesterday - her father killed her in a fit of rage

Ignorant city drivers putting kids in peril in school zones

MORE than one in 10 NSW drivers admits to ignoring speed limits in school zones and other urban areas despite police crackdowns and the threat of hefty fines

Syrian Opposition Calls for Emergency U.N. Meeting

Syria's main opposition group on Thursday called for an emergency U.N. Security Council meeting as it accused regime forces of killing more than 100 people in the central city of Hama in recent days

Suleiman Adamant not to Sign $5.9 billion Spending Bill

President Michel Suleiman reiterated on Thursday that he rejects to sign any decree that contains “legal and constitutional violations,” shrugging off demands by the March 8 forces to approve the $5.9 billion extra-budgetary spending of 2011

Nine kids in car: drunk mum to plead guilty

Prosecutor Hew Roberts told Melbourne Magistrates Court the woman, would admit to being over the limit and unlicensed when she crashed her car, injuring several of the children

House searched for missing mum clues

Detectives searching for a missing Brisbane woman have confiscated a computer from a house thought to belong to her husband's parents

Teen jumps from car to flee abductor

A TEENAGE girl has jumped out of a moving car then hid in bushland to escape an abductor, who forced her into his vehicle, in northern NSW

Regime Commits Massacres in Hama and Idlib

The regime committed a new massacre in the Arbaeen neighbourhood of Hama as forces field-executed 11 civilians only one day after the visit by UNSC observers. According to residents