Fears over gun registry being hacked

THE safety of the NSW Firearms Registry will be investigated over concerns it was hacked and used as a "shopping list" for criminals

Regime Besieging Homs Again, Iran and Russia Send Warships

Regime forces continued to lay siege on the city of Homs with thousands of civilians trapped inside as the bombarding has been ongoing for months

Sydney's train shake-up

Parts of Sydney's rail network will be converted to a high-frequency, metro-style, single deck system, the state government announced today

$1.4m refund for car owners

BMW AUSTRALIA Finance has been rapped over the knuckles for breaking credit codes and forced to refund $1.4 million to 2400 car owners

Mubarak Suffers Stroke after Heart Defibrillated

Egypt's ousted strongman Hosni Mubarak suffered a stroke in prison on Tuesday as authorities mulled transferring him to hospital

UK Insurer Stops Russian Ship over Syria Arms Claims

A British marine insurer said Tuesday that it had cancelled cover for a Russian ship because of allegations that the vessel was carrying attack helicopters destined for Syria

Salman bin Abdul Aziz Named Saudi Arabia's New Crown Prince

Saudi King Abdullah named his half-brother Prince Salman as heir to the throne on Monday following the death of crown prince Nayef

Hit-run driver hunted, haunted by guilt

THE family of a 23-year-old motorcycle passenger killed by a hit-and-run driver yesterday

Empowered to give tax the flick

Federal Treasury estimated the "price on pollution" will add as much as 10 per cent to bills from July 1

Disturbing images of young children involved in schoolyard 'fight clubs'

THESE are the distressing and disturbing images, which should shock every parent

Saudi Crown Prince Nayef Dies

Saudi Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz, a half-brother of King Abdullah and the kingdom's long-serving interior minister, died on Saturday, state television announced

Jumblat Says Neither March 8 nor March 14 Can Make Changes in Syria

local Lebanese parties won’t be able to change anything in the Syrian crisis

Churches to warn against gay marriage

THE leaders of three major Sydney churches are taking to the pulpit to condemn same-sex marriage ahead of federal

Regime Levels Down Entire Cities

The Assad regime continued to massacre civilians by randomly shelling entire cities with artillery and missiles

Slugged extra for living in NSW

THEY can see the ACT from their homes, yet residents over the NSW border are about to see the electricity bill divide grow even worse

Keeping young drivers on their toes

IT'S the little box that combines Big Brother and the back-seat driver

Regime Invades City of Haffeh Amid Fears of Massacres

Regime forces invaded again the city of Haffeh and its surrounding villages in the province of Latakia

No apology for family of Azaria Chamberlain after dingo finding

THE Northern Territory government is not even considering apologising to the Chamberlain family

Foreign Ministry to Set up Hotline for Lebanese Expats

The Foreign Ministry will establish a hotline for the Lebanese expats across the world

Police on the hunt for 63 guns stolen in six weeks

POLICE are investigating the theft of eight firearms from a NSW property, bringing the number of guns stolen to 63 in the past six weeks