Exclusive -Iran, HumanRights : Selling Body Parts in Iran: An Untold Tragedy

Iran, HumanRights, poverty, economy, Body Organ Sale The sign reads: Urgent sale of Kidney, female 23  years old, O+, for God's sake, do not tear apart this ad, I desperately need the money"

70m wind turbine blade blocks road after truck rollover near Bothwell in Tasmania

A 60-tonne truck has rolled over near Bothwell, in Tasmania's central highlands, leaving a 68-metre-long wind turbine blade that costs $300,000 across the road

Byron Council evacuated as Sydney bomb squad sent in to deal with 'suspicious device'

Police say a pipe bomb found in Mullumbimby in New South Wales's far north coast has been rendered safe and has been taken away for forensic examination.

Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital executive claimed $500,000 in cancer research funding, CCC finds

More than half a million dollars meant for a cancer research unit at a Perth hospital has been claimed in overtime and annual leave payments by a former manager despite hospital records showing she was often not entitled to the money, WA's corruption watchdog has found

The Catholic Church has its own secret investigation into Pell. Here's who is running it

When George Pell lost his appeal against his child sex abuse convictions last month, the Vatican noted that he still had one legal avenue remaining

Two arrested over murder of Danielle Easey who was dumped in creek wrapped in plastic

Two people have been arrested in connection with the murder of a woman whose body was found wrapped in plastic and dumped in a creek near Newcastle

فيديو "العار".. صوروا مقتله بدلا من مساعدته

يبدو أن السخرية التي تظهر بين الحين والآخر من أشخاص يستخدمون الهواتف الذكية، خصوصا ميزة التصوير، أثناء الكوارث عوضا عن التدخل لمحاولة تجنبها، مثل غرق شخص فيما يقوم شخص ثان بتصويره بدل إنقاذه، قد أصبحت حقيقة واقعة

Mum uses son's deadly drink-driving crash as warning to teens

The mum of a teenager who was drink driving when he became involved in a horrific deadly crash is making it her mission to ensure her son's mistakes aren't repeated

Maryam Rajavi: Attacking oil installations of Iran’s neighboring county is a big step toward warmongering

The mullahs’ regime’s attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil installations with drones and missiles is an act of war

Alleged Darwin gunman Benjamin Glenn Hoffmann to plead not guilty, lawyer says

The man accused of carrying out a deadly shooting rampage across Darwin in June will plead not guilty to 13 charges, including four counts of murder

Woman shot by police in Geraldton in WA's Mid West dies in hospital

A woman has died in hospital after being shot by police on a suburban street in Geraldton, about 400 kilometres north of Perth

Rain reaches parts of western NSW but no real relief for farmers battling drought

Rain has fallen in some parts of western NSW but farmers in the most critically dry areas have been left disappointed after failing to receive a single drop

Hepco workers’ protests continue despite suppressive measures for the third consecutive day

workers at Arak Hepco Company continued their protest outside the company despite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Special Riot units threatening them. This was the third consecutive day of their protests. The mullahs’ regime’s suppressive forces

Man accused of indecently assaulting child in shopping centre

A man will face court today over allegations he indecently assaulted a child in a shopping mall near Coffs Harbour

Man charged with murder over Perth woman's death

A man has been charged with murder over the death of Perth woman Jessica Bairnsfather-Scott

NAB customers hit with sophisticated email banking phishing scam

The scam uses the display name "National Australia Bank" and informs recipients their account has been "restricted" due to "irregular activity"

Governer-General visits Perth Muslim Community

AFIC was honoured to host His Excellence the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia and Mrs Hurley at Perth Mosque. This was an historic visit being the first time a sitting Governor-General had visited the Perth Muslim community

Genetics laboratory fire in Yarram destroys 100 cryogenic cylinders containing cattle semen

An overnight fire has destroyed 100 valuable cryogenic cylinders containing cattle semen at a genetics laboratory and storage facility at Yarram in south-east Victoria

NSW wild weather brings surprise snow to Goulburn and Blue Mountains, and heavy rain for Sydney

The east coast of NSW is in for a day of wild weather, with heavy snowfall in some areas causing significant delays on major roads.

STL Pre-Trial Judge Daniel Fransen confirmed an indictment against Mr Salim Jamil Ayyash

Pre-Trial Judge Daniel Fransen confirmed an indictment against Mr Salim Jamil Ayyash relating to the attacks against Mr Marwan Hamadeh, Mr George Hawi and Mr Elias El-Murr