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Lebanon Asked to Hand Over Hariri Case to U.N. Court

| 26.03,09. 02:36 PM |

The prosecutor at a special U.N. court set up to try suspects accused of attacks in Lebanon asked Beirut Wednesday to hand over to it the case relating to the 2005 murder of premier Rafik Harari.
A statement said the prosecutor of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL), Daniel A. Bellemare filed an application today urging the pre-trial judge to ask Lebanese authorities to "defer to the tribunal's competence."

It said Lebanese officials should also "hand over to the prosecutor the results of the investigations and a copy of the relevant court records and other probative material; and submit to the pre-trial judge a list of all persons detained in connection with the investigation."

The STL was the first international terrorist court, created in 2007 by a United Nations Security Council resolution in 2007. It began work outside The Hague on March 1.

It is charged with trying the presumed authors of terrorist attacks in Lebanon, including the murder of Hariri, killed with 22 other people in a bomb attack in February 2005.

Bellemare had two months from March 1 to submit his request to the Lebanese authorities.

Four Lebanese generals have been detained since August 2005 in connection with the enquiry into the attacks. The first two reports from the U.N. committee of inquiry set up two months after the killings of Harari found evidence of involvement by the Syrian intelligence services.(AFP)

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