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Another sweeping victory to March 14 in Bank Workers Union elections in the north

| 02.12,08. 02:36 PM |


Another indicator validates the public electoral orientation in Lebanon in particular the trade union body when the Bank Workers union elections in the north achieved another sweeping victory to "March 14" forces which won several unions and students elections to dissipate March 8 doubts with reality despite all what has or will be said.

March 14 forces recorded a landslide victory in 6 members of the trade union’s Council, as "the development of union action" list won against "national loyalty" backed by March 8 Forces in a major difference reached 200 votes. However 697 eligible voters partook in the elections out of 802.

It should be noted that March 14 victory achieved today demonopolizes President Omar Karami and his allies influence on the union for 30 consecutive years.

General coordinator of trade unions sector in the Future Movement in Lebanon Najib Abu Merhi rejoiced by the results congratulated members of the winning list.

He said “it is a historic achievement for March 14 Forces as it is a victory for all who believe in democracy, in our turn we dedicate this victory to the souls of Cedar Revolution’ martyrs."

Next Monday the Chairman of the council will be appointed and the positions will be allocated to members of the union.

On the other hand, French President Nicolas Sarkozi praised the decisive role of Saudi Arabia and Qatar in finding a solution for the Lebanese crisis, asserting that the international community will, very interestingly, monitor the on goings of the coming Parliament elections.

He reassured that “no one accepts the abuse of Lebanon’s independence and of the sovereignty of the Lebanese people in any way”, adding that the elections is a decisive phase of the reconciliation in Lebanon and a “prominent date for Lebanon’s free and independent democracy”, as he called for carrying out elections in “utmost transparency and fairness”.

Sarkozi added that the partners in the European Union told the Lebanese authorities "that they are ready to respond to any request in terms of technical support or monitoring”.

He expressed his optimism for the development of the situation in Lebanon “after it was mired in deep political plight and after the civil war’s apparition returned to threaten the Lebanese”, as he reminded of the achievements that were attained such as electing the president and establishing a national unity government.

He explained that there is an obvious progress at the level of Lebanese-Syrian relations, “as 4 common committees were established to sort out several sensitive issues, such as the missing, the detained, and the borders”, as he hoped that the ambassadors of both countries would be appointed soon.

After attending the conference on financing development in Doha today, Sarkozi will head to visit Saudi Arabia

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