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Sleeping man arrested for drink driving

| 31.05,09. 03:49 PM |

Sleeping man arrested for drink driving



 May 31, 2009 11:28am

A SLEEPING man was charged with drink driving this morning after police found him snoozing behind the wheel while his car's engine was running and it was in gear.

Police found the man asleep in his Holden Statesman on the side of the Salisbury Highway at Mawson Lakes in Adelaide's northern suburbs just before 4.30am (CST).

The man was sleeping behind the wheel but the car's lights were on, the engine was running and it was in gear, a police spokesman said.

Police woke the 48-year-old Lewiston man and charged him with driving under the influence after he recorded a blood alcohol level of 0.159 - more than three times the legal limit.

"His licence was disqualified for 12 months on the spot and his Holden Statesman was impounded by police for seven days," the police spokesman said.

The spokesman said once a person got behind the wheel of a car, whether it was moving or not, they were deemed to be in control of that vehicle and could be charged with drink driving if they were over the limit.



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