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 Skaf brothers had mobiles for 'many years

| 30.05,09. 09:19 PM |

 Skaf brothers had mobiles for 'many years

May 30, 2009 12:00am

THE two mobile phones the Skaf brothers were found with had been in the prison system for possibly two years.

A source told The Daily Telegraph yesterday Bilal Skaf had been phoning family and a small number of friends for some years.

He had bragged to people he was able to get phones into the prison system by using the protection of legal privilege, without the knowledge of their solicitors.

Legal papers mailed to clients in jail cannot be opened by the prison authorities, but are all X-rayed. The Daily Telegraph has been told Skaf had tried to recruit people up to two years ago to copy the letterhead of his solicitor's firm and then mail a thick wad of legal-looking papers with a phone hidden in a cavity.

One prison guard said while it would be difficult to get a phone through an X-ray machine "it could be feasible".

Commissioner Ron Woodham vehemently denied this and said Bilal had only received two bulky lots of mail in the past four years.

"There's no way in the world that would have happened," Mr Woodham said.

"The X-ray machines would pick up a mobile phone through two or three phone books. I'm inclined to think the phone has come from another jail on escort and someone hasn't checked the luggage well enough."

It was also revealed yesterday a third phone, found in another Goulburn cell, was functioning.

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