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Bikie denies refusing bullet extraction

| 29.05,09. 02:52 PM |

Bikie denies refusing bullet extraction



 May 29, 2009 06:57pm

A BIKIE gang member who was shot three times in an alleged dispute over drugs has denied ordering doctors not to remove any bullets that have lodged in his body.

Former Gypsy Jokers president Lennard Kirby and gang "associate'' Alexandro Scilio were among four people wounded in the shootings at a Jandakot home, south of Perth, on May 18.

Kirby, who was on parole after serving seven years of a 10-year sentence for drug trafficking, received wounds to the upper body and an arm, while Scilio was shot once in the arm.

The West Australian today reported that both men had ordered doctors not to remove the bullets from their bodies, to comply with a bikies' unwritten rule to resolve their disputes without involving police.

But Kirby, who remains in custody because of what correctional authorities say are "concerns for community safety'', said through his lawyer today there was no truth to the report.

The lawyer, Gary Massey, issued a statement saying Kirby denied any implication that he had refused to have bullets removed to frustrate police investigations.

"Firstly, only one bullet remains in Mr Kirby,'' Mr Massey said.

"The other two bullets passed through Mr Kirby.

"He was shot from behind and received wounds to his right flank, left back and left forearm.

"Secondly, Mr Kirby was advised by surgeons who operated on him that the removal of the remaining bullet was not recommended on medical grounds.

"Mr Kirby informed the police of this fact when the police told him that they had a warrant to remove the bullet.

"Mr Kirby told police that they were able to speak to his surgeon if they so wished.

"At no time did he refuse to have the bullet removed in an effort to frustrate the investigation.''

Assistant Police Commissioner Wayne Gregson, who heads investigations into bikie-related crime, said police had been unable to retrieve any of the bullets as evidence in the case.

"We can't take warrants out where the warrants require invasive surgery. We can't do that at law,'' Mr Gregson told Fairfax Radio.

Mr Massey said Kirby would be happy to provide police with the bullet if it could be removed safely.

He had also said police were wrong to allege the argument that led to the shooting was over the supply of drugs.

Kirby had been unarmed at the time of the incident and his parole had been suspended without cause, Mr Massey said.

Kirby was president of the Gypsy Jokers in September 2001 when former CIB head Don Hancock, 64, and racing identity Lawrence Lewis, 63, were killed in a car bomb blast in the driveway of Mr Hancock's Lathlain home.

Police suspected the The Gypsy Jokers in the slayings, believing it was revenge for the death the previous year of Gypsy Joker member William Grierson.

Grierson was shot just hours after Mr Hancock threw him out of his hotel in the tiny Goldfields hamlet of Ora Banda.

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