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Three dead in horror truck crash on Hume Highway

| 24.01,12. 04:45 PM |


Three dead in horror truck crash on Hume Highway


January 24, 2012

DISASTER Victim Identification experts are on their way to the scene of an horrific triple fatal accident south of Sydney to help police with the salvage effort of three people dead in a car.

Police confirmed the DVI team will assist forensic officers identify the tree victims who were killed when a B-double crossed to the wrong side of the Hume Highway at Menangle, and ran over the top of their Ford sedan.

A police spokesman at the scene said the victims' car had been "literally flattened" by the truck, and it was impossible to tell the ages or sex of the people inside.

"The DVI team will work through that with forensics," the spokesman said.

A police spokesman said it appeared the driver of the truck may have fallen asleep or lost concentration moments before the accident.

"He's hit the railing and come onto the other side of the road," the police spokesman said.

Police said the truck driver is a 33-year-old man.

The B-double from Sydney-based Lennons Transport was heading south when the accident happened.

A spokesman at Lennons confirmed it was one of their fleet involved in the horrific accident, and said the driver was being comforted and supported.

The driver of the truck has been taken to Campbelltown Hospital where he is being treated for shock, and minor abrasions.

He was not seriously hurt.

Police said he will also undergo routine blood and alcohol tests as part of their investigation.

All southbound lanes of the Hume Highway are now open at Menangle, but all northbound lanes of the highway remain closed while investigations continue into the accident on the Menangle Bridge.

Northbound motorists are still being diverted at Picton Road and are able to rejoin the Hume Highway at Narellan Road.

Motorits are being advised to avoid the area or expect extensive delays, with the northbound lanes to remain closed for some time.

The accident happened on a stretch of road near the Wollongong exit.

"It is the most horrific thing I have ever seen. Stay away from the area, especially if you have children in the car, they don’t need to see that," a passing motorist said.

NSW Fire Brigade HAZMAT crews are at the scene of the accident, cleaning up a diesel spill from the truck which is running into the Nepean River below the bridge.

Police said it could be a few hours before they can fully access the crash site to begin their investigation, because at the moment it is considered a “fire ground” until the spillage is cleaned up and the area is rendered safe.


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