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Ryan's got a lot to lose

| 22.01,12. 03:16 PM |


Ryan's got a lot to lose

 January 22, 2012

RYAN Preuss holds a world record he is not proud of: at 240kg he is the heaviest contestant to ever take part in weight-loss reality show The Biggest Loser.
And a look at what the 29-year-old used to eat each week shows why a table groaning under greasy takeaway food, ice cream, chips, pies, soft drink, pizza, sweet and sour pork, fried onion rings, barbecued chicken, popcorn and chocolate.

Before joining The Biggest Loser: Singles, which begins tomorrow on Channel 10, Preuss was putting away 42,000 calories a week three times the recommended calorie intake for men.

His personal weekly supermarket shopping list included three loaves of bread, a box of Weet-Bix and another of Coco Pops, pies, sausage rolls, four litres of plain milk, two litres of chocolate milk, four large bottles of Coca-Cola and eight more of other soft drinks. Then there were the four cooked chickens, 12 chocolate bars, and four family blocks of chocolate.

That was before he hit the takeaway shops on his way to or from work where he'd pick up sweet and sour pork, McMuffins, hash browns, pizzas, ice-cream, burgers kebabs and hot chips.

"The most telling thing is the token little bowl of steamed vegetables," Preuss said. "It shows how ridiculous it was."

Preuss suspected he would take the unwanted weight record before he went into the Biggest Loser house.

"But to hear it come out of Hayley's (Biggest Loser host Hayley Lewis) mouth was soul-destroying," he said.


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