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Kevin's cuppa test on Australia Day

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Kevin's cuppa test on Australia Day

 January 18, 2012

HE used his family, his staff and even his pets as guinea pigs - and now you get to try Kevin Rudd's own blend of Twinings tea.
Mr Rudd's award-winning concoction is about to go commercial.

Well, kind of. After emerging as "master blender" at a Twinings nationwide competition to create the perfect cup of Australian tea, Mr Rudd - a self-confessed tea lover - won the right to have his own special flavour sipped by the nation on Australia Day. Mr Rudd had the tea tasted to perfection by members of his department and Abby and Jasper (Mr Rudd's household pets) in an online viral video.

As the winner of the challenge, Mr Rudd chose the RSPCA as the charity to receive 10c for each Australian Afternoon Tea packet sold.

"It was a cocktail of Irish Breakfast, Russian Caravan and Orange Pekoe. The guinea pigs were my staff," said Mr Rudd. "The win is a win for Australian animals.

"It's good to know you've had a cup of tea, when you've had a cup of tea," said Mr Rudd, who wanted the tea to be strong and drinkable with milk.

"I entered the competition because I thought it was a great opportunity to raise some extra cash for the RSPCA.

"I hope people like it.

"I certainly do."

Mr Rudd was part of 65 Australian celebrities who participated in the challenge. Broadcaster Alan Jones, TV host Kerri-Anne Kennerley and her husband John, former world surfing champion Layne Beachley and singer John Williamson were among the finalists.


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