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Driver tailgated, rammed, shot in The Grand Parade, Sutherland

| 26.05,09. 09:14 AM |

Driver tailgated, rammed, shot in The Grand Parade, Sutherland

May 26, 2009 06:00am

A DRIVER was tailgated and rammed from behind before his tormentors shot him in the leg and took off with a bag of cash in Sutherland overnight.

The 35-year-old is in St George Hospital for surgery to treat a single gunshot wound to the thigh.

The terrifying ordeal began around 12.15am.

Driving his black Mazda 3 hatchback along The Grand Parade, in Sutherland, two men in an unregistered red Nissan Patrol four-wheel-drive began tailending the car.

As they approached the intersection of Linden Street, the four wheel drive slammed into the rear of the Mazda, causing extensive damage to the vehicle and leaving shattered glass strewn across two lanes.

Attempting to flee his attackers, the man made it 300 metres down Linden Street, before slamming the Mazda into a residential fence.

Diving from the red Patrol, the two men chased the man down Linden Street on foot, then shooting him as he lay inside the driver's compartment of the crushed vehicle.

Police are searching for the two men, who fled the scene in a waiting silver getaway car with an undisclosed amount of cash, taken from the rear seat of the Mazda.

Paul Archer, a panel beater, woke to hear the "pop" of gunshots and rose to find the Mazda lodged in his driveway fence.

"Who knows, the car might turn up at the shop later," he said.

Police say they are yet to identify a motive for the vicious attack, but say it is unlikely to have occured at random.

Detectives believe two men may have driven the Mazda SP23 silver getawy car and are urging anyone with information to come forward to assist.

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