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Another Boat Tragedy

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Another Boat Tragedy


20 December 2011   

The President of the Muslims Australia (AFIC), Mr Ikebal Adam Patel expressed his condolences to the families of those killed aboard the boat which capsized in waters off Trenggalek regency, East Java,

Mr Patel said that this tragedy shows that countries in the region had still failed to find solutions to refugee problems. The asylum seekers and refugees for the most part are fleeing political or religious persecution, torture and repressive regimes. They are escaping from conflict and war and searching for a better life and greener pasture but some irresponsible people refer to the asylum seekers as illegal immigrants.

The increased refugee arrivals is a consequence of the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan, Iraq and other places and this trend will continue until the underlying conflict is resolved. The loss of life in the last few years now requires leadership from all sides of politics in Australia and in partnership with the regional governments to find a lasting and humane solution to this ongoing refugee predicament.


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