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Stunning lunar eclipse bewitches Sydney

| 11.12,11. 01:09 AM |


Stunning lunar eclipse bewitches Sydney


 December 11, 2011

NIGHT owls in Sydney were treated to a beautiful view of a total lunar eclipse overnight.
The Weather bureau had warned that many Australians would miss out on witnessing the total lunar eclipse as heavy cloud rolls in and blankets much of the country.

The moon turned red across Sydney just before midnight on Saturday, and lasted until around 3am (AEDT) on Sunday.

The entire moon turns red during the 52-minute event as it slips into the earth's darkest shadow.

The colour change is caused by a scattering of sunlight as it passes through the thin ring of the Earth's atmosphere, removing the blue light and passing mainly the red, some of which weakly illuminates the moon.

Australians will have to wait until 2014 for a repeat performance of the eclipse.


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