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MCCA Ltd media release

| 08.12,11. 11:03 PM |


MCCA Ltd media release‏

MCCA Ltd’s Chairman Dr. Akhtar Kalam announced the conservatively profiled MCCA Income Fund (Australia’s first Shariah compliant investment fund registered with ASIC) has delivered a very competitive first full year result and performance in a global and local economic environment of volatility and uncertainty.
The very competitive 5.31% return of MCCA Income Fund for the 2010–2011 financial year has also validated the Fund manager’s strategy and reinforced MCCA’s commitment of meeting investors expectations.
“The professionally managed Fund established in 2009 will soon surpass $15M and invests mainly in residential mortgage investments in Victoria (49%) and NSW (46%).”
“The key components of the Fund that have been the catalyst for its growth are the low minimum investment threshold of $500; no entry fees; and no exit or withdrawal fees subject to a minimum investment period of six months,” said Dr. Kalam.
Please contact me if you require additional information or wish to interview MCCA Ltd’s Chairman Dr. Akhtar Kalam.

Joe Perri

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